Real true sparkle is causing fake folks to hate her becuase I'm too real for for fake women

 I am famous recording artist songwriter for motown records and other various record labels all my life, i am the kind of person where fake women tried to be me and say they are me Nmaes like fake teri sparkle (fake women ), Sparkle Anderson (fake) lizz sparkle (fake , Asian sparkle the are all fake women, i am K.I.M. (keeping integrity Mainly real true original sparkle who song writing stated from my song writing from the originals singing my songs, my big brother in motown records, and me and my sisters as Sparkle my original version and the back up groups", Mini rppleton, tammy terrell,lisa Lisa, Sheila E., vanity 6,  Escape ,mariah carey, Etta james, madonna, sade, blu cantrell, mary mary,  Destiny child Mary J. blige, now it's Nicki Minaj & Rihanna ,koreem BaIley Rae ,and actress fake ass Lisa rae (who thinks she looks like me,and the list just goes on and on !  But ,Truly I'm the original I'm the original true sparkle williams and the only one who wrote all my original songs and others used them for their groups, My favorite female group and Motown family (the supreme ,In my Mothers glitter and clothes and style and singing my songs, while i was writing songs for james brown , and other male groups , these are my most favorite female group of all times. I am D.sparkle Anne P. williams (just sparkle williams in hollywood my stage name ) .my ex-husband was (sticks ) named after my drumm sticks, who was one of the singers in my dad's group "The temptations" , his name was melvin levi williams (sticks0 was his nick name , we all are Motown singers and dancers and writers, i was managed by Curtis may field and I still writing songs for all these old and new comers, like boyz2men and other female solo acts and helping with their fashions , and mine is sparkle mahogany fashions. There are so many fake folks try to be me that in 2010 someone came up with a film called Sparkle trying to stop me from making films about myself and that's why there are films about me ,but they didn't know mine was made in 1976, and I've came from a famous family of "fatty" Archbucker & May west his cousin in 1800 ( ,charlie Chapman ( ) his best friend. who not only creted Hollywood but films & Cameras and MGM Productions. I am the only child in my grand dady's life that he can trust because i've gave to him all the great ideas to how to do as his chosen angel, I was braught in Earth to help him get out of poverty and he listens to me as my spirit thrived in the earth to help these folks where I was assigned from the kingdom of heaven to help this family, this man has married many women and one of his sons is my grand daddy ,and he's grand daddy Senior , My grand daddy he named roscoe Conkling jr. from one of his wives , and he was a professor of college and a bishop of many churches around the whole world that led all of us metting elvis and teaching him muisc and Naming Marilyn monroe, and family of where everyone of all the women on his side of the family had changed their names ( "Judy Garland was one of them ) and having to have her daughter, my cousin liza Minelli do cabaret  ( ) and that led me dancing and got fame the movie and not jsut singing and by choreographying and getting Madonna to do the same in my songs for madonna and choreography in music videos doing the same as My cousin Liza 42nd Cabaret Dance on stage , that led us teaching Karen White it stop secret songs , doing the same dance with my songs i've sold to the publishing companies , and Led beyonce to do on stage at the grammies awards 2014 the same dance with my permission  , all of this cause my blood be full of genius and style, music and dance and productions and many folks are jealous of that and won't let me be, i'm am a reality and will seeme do more in the earth as their angel .

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