Artist and Big Sister

Hiii, I'm SuperSonicShadow (or SoulEaterXMaka on DeviantArt). Just as a warning, you may not wanna be in my circle unless you're okay with Yaoi, and Sonic Yaoi ^^' 
I pretty much support any shipping/pairing/couple that can make me "aww", which is pretty much every couple X'D So, let's not make fun of each other's fave shippings, okay? X3
My fave shippings would have to be:
-Zonic x Zespio (zone cope lovins)
        *Those are the ones I search for and love the most, but I love all shippings, like I said before~

~As my headline says, I'm an artist and a big sister. I'm mainly a traditional artist. I draw loads of Sonic, but I try my hand at drawing humans and animals as well. I know I'm not a perfect traditional artist, but I think I'm okay ^^'' My little sister is *Shmoogaboo.  :3

Btw, I have a Deviant Art account, which I am addicted to, which is why I'm never on here ^^; so if you have a Deviant Art account, tell me your account name and I'll look you up! Please visit my page if you can, I'm a lot more active there, and I submit my own work there, primarily Sonic-related for my fellow Sonic fans. Please visit and give me a few page views if you can X'3 Thank you and have a good day~~~ <3
You got a DA account? Check me out on DeviantArt :)

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SoulEaterKid disse:

2868 days atrás
+ or - my favorite is the jet ^^

SoulEaterKid disse:

2868 days atrás
u like sonic?

SoulEaterKid disse:

2868 days atrás
Hey :D Welcome To My Cyrcle

Shmoogaboo disse:

2869 days atrás

Shadowthehedg... disse:

3151 days atrás
Thanks for the comment on my profile and i love yours too:)

Shadowthehedg... disse:

3156 days atrás
Thanks for the comment on my "Baby Shadow".

shadowthehedg... disse:

3181 days atrás
tus blingees tambien estan chidos XD

EspioXVanessa... disse:

3182 days atrás
Were Just Roleplay & That's Maria's Sister Alice

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