Proudly engaged in real life with Sephiroth Crescent and Vincent Valentine. ♥

hello everyone! ^-^ i decided to make a second account on here,with my real name. ^^
maybe this account will be "one day blingee" i am still thinking on this theme. o.o
the rates and comments i'll make from my main account. ^^ 

main account:

my name is teodora crescent valentine,and i have 125 years old. i am a witch and vampire from romania. (this means i do speak english and romanian.) i was born on 17th march 1892 and i am a pisces.
my vampire parents are king xavier and queen cassandra. two beautiful and strong vampires.
i am engaged in real life with sephiroth crescent and vincent valentine from final fantasy 7,and my future fiancees are adrian ţepeş(which is my cousin too.) and adrian crevan. (so this account will have a base on final fantasy 7,castlevania and kuroshitsuji.)
yes,i brought them to real life with a powerful spell.
i am actually a friendly and nice person,but don't understimate me. i can be cold and cruel too.
i have a virtual family and real life family. 
in real life i have two families. the one with my parents,and the one with sephiroth and vincent. i do love all three of them.
i do like gifts,especially with my fiancees. i like to be surprised.
i like to be fair,and i hate liars.
this was me in a few words. if you have questions,don't hesitate. ^^ i'll try to open up at every question.

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sisi080985 disse:

11 days atrás

sisi080985 disse:

17 days atrás

spirit98 disse:

18 days atrás
Hello !
I come to tell you Happy New Year 2018 for you and your family and friends !!! Wishing you health, love, happiness, success that all your wildest wishes come true! Thank you also for all your votes and comments! Kisses to me and licking my horses! :)

Isabekuki disse:

19 days atrás
For you friend:

Feenmagie disse:

19 days atrás

Ich wünsche dir und deine Lieben,ein Gesegentes,Gesundes und Erfolgreiches Jahr 2018.

Mögen deine Wünsche und Ziele,sich erfüllen.

Herzliche Grüße Feenmagie


shayaan-246 disse:

20 days atrás
A sweet greeting, a small gesture
Beautiful wishes for the new year
With many health and happiness
Can the new year not go wrong!

passionpussycat disse:

22 days atrás
Merry Christmas & Happy New year :)
A Gift For You :)

Sorry It`s A Lil Late :)

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