All about me!!!

Hey! It`s me Kate! Well, I`m at least one of the two offical Kates`! Me and TheRealAlphaWolfKate made-up and are now friends! We are the only two offical Kates`! any other "Kate" on the website that is not us are fakes! We are the on offical Kates`!
~One of the TRUE+OFFICAL Kates

Hi, also I am the true kate! I have been verified 5 or 6 times before!

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it's a new start.
Me and Humphrey wish you a Merry Christmas
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pikacrazy disse:

1191 days atrás

LillyOmega disse:

1816 days atrás
hey Kate do you still go on? i remember seeing your pups a while ago!

Regentvice disse:

2066 days atrás
Yeah it is from that movie! Why do you ask?

EspioXVanessa... disse:

2104 days atrás
You should look him up he's pretty amazing. Even Justin Timberlake 

The-Real-Kate disse:

2121 days atrás
Lilly! I haven't talked to you in soo long! I missed you! So, have you met my pups? Their names are Stinky, Claudette, and Runt!

LillyOmega disse:

2123 days atrás
Oh hi kate it's lily! I didn't know you had blingee! there are a lot of Kate's on this website and fanpop too wow! but you are the only one that's still on! well anyways good to see you have a blingee account sis!

The-Real-Kate disse:

2125 days atrás

EspioXVanessa... disse:

2128 days atrás
Omg never heard of him! He's a greatest actor and also he's hot! He has an england accent

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