Nintendo is my life!

Hello! I'm Angela! A girl who loves Splatoon, Mario, Animal Crossing and Vocaloid. The Inkling Girl is my wife in Splatoon! I also love Lolita Fashion too! Feel free to add me! You're always welcome to add me! :)

I might feel a bit shy after meeting people and I'm autistic too. So, I'm a nice and friendly person too.

So, don't be afraid to talk to me, just say "Hi" and I will always reply to your comments! :D

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°PrincessPeac... disse:

1469 days atrás
♥Hello Angela..I'm PrincessPeachFanLove from DeviantArt..I'm glad to found you here too ~♥

Lanm01 disse:

1769 days atrás
sure! :D

ToadetteCutie disse:

1769 days atrás
...Sorry, that I wasn't online for a long time. :( I don't go...on Blingee very often. So, sorry you guys. I apologize. I'll try to be online on Fridays and weekends. So, please forgive me. 

AmyRosesBigge... disse:

1856 days atrás
♥Hi!Can you put me as the #1 Amy Rose Fan?:)♥

ToadetteQueen... disse:

1945 days atrás
Say hello to Toadette's #1 fan! I'm toadettequeenkoopa, or TQK, the Toadette,Toad,Peach,Bowser,Daisy loving gamergal! Toadette is da best, ya!

PinkPrincessP... disse:

1948 days atrás
♥I'm Peach's #1 Fan Too!♥

Lanm01 disse:

2047 days atrás
can I be Starlow from the Mario and Luigi game series on ur #1 fan list????

LaPrincessPea... disse:

2047 days atrás
hi I luv toadette. Can u put meh in “princess peach's #1 fan" plz? 

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