Well, I love anime. A lot. Though I only watch some shows like Bleach and Naruto. I mostly like the brutal guy like Grimmjow and Deidara and maybe Aizen too. Oh, I also like Naruto thouh he isn't brutal...well, at least when he isn't in his demon form? idk. I'm a Sasuke hater, so back off fan girls! ^^ Anyway, I love comedy. Dane Cook, to me, its FUNNEH! lol. I also like the Ravens, yes I'm from MD. Warriors by Erin Hunter is also something I like. I'm really nice but also shy. I love animals, nature, and anime! lol thats that second time I said that. I can't live withou music but I can live without chores. -.- yeah, sry. Anything else? Hm...not that I can think of. So, BAI!


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