lalala <333 Good Morning everybody xD

Hey :D I'm Natalie, I am a crazy little girl, you can have a lot of fun with me :DxD Should I show you ? NO :DxD If you do not believe me, ask SiSSlRi :D She will say the same :DxD

Thx Rina for showing this site love yaa ♥♥♥

And my Vivi ♥ you with the green hairs& yellow eyes :D But I'm not better xDD lalala <333

I have a horse, Tamara ! But I've just called her Tamy. She's 15 years old, 2 years older than me :D I am 13 [ in august ]
lalala <333 I love Zac Efron and Adam Lambert so damn much <333 Hottest boys ever ♥ Oh and Vanessa is my idol. x333
Do you want to know more about me !? Ask me, I won't hurt you :DxD

So I must say: I am a Zanessa-Fan, NOT Zashley !!
I like the true love Zanessa.
Zashley is NO WAY, NO GO, NEVER Zashley !
But I do not hate "Zashley"! I respect them. So, pls do not think wrong about me, you Zashley-Fans around these big world ::D 

I like Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez and co. too ♥

I hate Justin Bieber, but I like his new song 'never let you go' *.* It's so amazing!!


Natalie ♥

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vanessahudgen... disse:

3526 days atrás

dylefron92 disse:

3588 days atrás

dylefron92 disse:

3588 days atrás
whoops sry i was not online
uhhm my icq is hacked 

dylefron92 disse:

3593 days atrás
hey np
so how are u?

officialnichole disse:

3598 days atrás
aww im sry me too my bf dylan dont talk to me :(

officialnichole disse:

3599 days atrás
hey how are u?

SiSSlRi disse:

3600 days atrás
ich mach meins doch wieder in deutsch xD

dylefron92 disse:

3601 days atrás
wow congrats haha xD

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