Hiya I just joined blingee. I'm on you tube and I play toontown. I'm not gonna go on and on about Toontown thats what I do on Youtube so I will tell you about me! Well I have a friend who likes too many boys. I can list em all but we would be here all day. She says shes called Amy Bieber coz she says shes married to Justin Bieber. So ya lol... OKie okie I NEED TO SPEAK ABOUT ROCKSTAR! SHE IS THE BEST EVER! And i'm gonna speak more about her later coz I g2g looool

About me and Blingee.... I don't really like it that much so I won't go on it loads however I am on you tube. I'm called h20sbigfan if you want to find me. I make Toontown, Club penguin, Birdz world videos! I'm also gonna start real life ones. OH and I might do other MMO games too... BTW I'm taking a break from Blingee I think. I'll tell choo when i'm back. XD

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Dancing Puddy cats :D
Dancing Puddy cats :D
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Spark1356 disse:

3260 days atrás
LOL love the photos ( hehe ) :)
Hope you could make some more blingees i have just made a new blingee now think i might make some more :)LOL :)

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