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10 of September
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Today it is the 21 of June, and longest daylight here up north I had breakfast with the birds at 04 in the morning, I heard no traffic, just the smell of the sea ..a very enchanting start of the day❤️ ..funny enough there has been no dark night either, must be an happy day&night situation, and have to be careful not getting the insomia;)

Hello to you all: wishing you the best summer ever❤️

..there is still no need for circle requests, just write a comment and I will answer of course, if you keep your profile open for that kind of contact;)
I like to chat when I'm on with those active then♥

..livet er usikkert, spis desserten først❤️

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BBB338 disse:

about 1 hour atrás
Goodnight sweet lady and have marvelous dreams!

passionpussycat disse:

1 day atrás
Hi Augusts....How are you doing? I have not seen you on for awhile...Hope everythings going well :) TYSVM for your Votes,Comments, & YOUR AWESOME  UNCONDITIONAL FRIENDSHIP :) YOU *R*O*C*K* :) It Will ALWAYS be CHERISHED & TREASURED FOREVER :)

Your Friend Always,

Teodoruka disse:

1 day atrás
no problem my dear friend!~ i wanted to return~

BBB338 disse:

1 day atrás
Thank you for the 2 gifts and the congrats! Thank you for putting on such fun and interesting challenges!

lubovl disse:

1 day atrás
We're very warm today. We call it the summer of an older woman. At us on a bolkon ladybugs are fly. It's so good outside. I, too, probably make myself a coffee with milk. Have a nice evening! I embrace.

Isabekuki disse:

1 day atrás
Thank you for your congratulations and your gift, very kind of you.Kisses Isabel.

moreno_gabriela disse:

1 day atrás
thank you my love!!!

Teodoruka disse:

1 day atrás
oh,i understand. thank you for explaining!

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