I love Mermaid Melody and Full Moon wo Sagashite!
They are great Anime shows and Manga comics! Check them out if you can! As you can see I am also a BIG Vocaloid Fan too! Yeah my favorite is Haku! Man she cute! I also like Teto, because every singer ( even if not a Vocaloid ) deserves some love too! Oh and luka! She is my favorte official vocaloid! She is so awesome! My cousin is also on blingee and she makes some pretty good blingees! She is crazy4fruit! She is very awesome as you probably know!
And as you proably see also is that I am leaving an exclamation after everything I say! Yeah today I am just really Happy and Joy Happy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Joy Joy Happy Joy Happy JOY HAPPY!!!!
TOO FAR! Ok enjoy blingee and my blingees/stamps! ALSO ENJOY ANIME AND VOCALOID AND MIKU MIKU DANCE!!! Nothing else for me to say except:
Happy and Joy Happy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Joy Joy Happy Joy Happy JOY HAPPY!!!!
     ^.^   O_O     ___
                   o o        
>.<     :) :) :) :) :)  HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!

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Manga-chan disse:

2422 days atrás
I take them from here --> http://www.p2psin.it/f160/caratteri-speciali-per-msn-26282/

However, i didn't see many episodes from Sailor Moon, but i think it's a fantastic anime~~! *3*/

Julissa-chan disse:

2677 days atrás
Me alegro mucho que ustedes esten bien ^^
Yo aveces tampoco me conecto mucho :)
¡Espero que estes muy bien!
Me encantaria ver la historia de anime que estan haciendo :3
¡Seguramente les quedara maravillosa!

Julissa-chan disse:

2677 days atrás
Claro que me preocupas ^^
Eres una de mis amigas :)
Y debe ser genial saber inglés :)
Mi vida va bien :D
¡Espero que la tuya igual!

Julissa-chan disse:

2685 days atrás
Thank you very much for voting for me :3
I love your blingees ^^
How are you? :D

Ivette240 disse:

2693 days atrás
Hello :)

What's your niche? Is it Celebrites, Animals, Gothic? Whatever it is this is the place to show it off! Be creative!:D 

Please join my group "Creative Flare"


Thank you :)

Snivylove433 disse:

2704 days atrás
i had a feeling u love Luka :D

Snivylove433 disse:

2716 days atrás
here ya go :D

XxTenshiKanadexX disse:

2733 days atrás
Happy new year!
hope you like it!n.n

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