Feathers Flying

Welcome! <3
Blingee is such a fun way to indulge in artistic expression of intense texture, color, form, and light; and share it with people, thanks Blingee!  
Its so enchanting looking at the vibrant creations on this site.  I very much enjoy studying the different styles and effects in other people's work.

I love the look of waterfowl, geese, ducks, swans, even eggs; and love to see art made with their images :D 
My sweet and artfully elegant friend DollBaby4U made this for me: http://bln.gs/c/3do/v/68kr6 
I absolutely love the sentiment it expresses!
My generous and talented Blingee friend Kuleshova from Russia made this for me:  http://blingee.com/blingee/view/132083806-For-my-friend-Feathers-Flying

I want my friends to know I so thoroughly enjoy seeing their art!!  I am often floored with the creativity and beauty in their work, and it makes me so thankful for the opportunity this site gives for sharing!  

The ducklings and goslings are hatching from my flock! I have so much to do and I love it all, but it might keeping me from having much Blingee time. 
I invite you to watch my home movie about one of my ducks raising her ducklings: vimeo.com/7629297  *Adventures with Ducklings*
It gets rave reviews from children and sometimes big people too! :D

Thanks for spending a moment with me  :)

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DollBaby4U disse:

934 days atrás
Hello My Friend, I hope is well ... Please let me know when you're on so we can chat !!

augusts disse:

1711 days atrás
..my hedgefriend, long time no see, got a new profil? ..tell me when you're back, so I can again see your hedging and your ducklings so sweet;) meanwhile I'm slimming my list loveღaugust

augusts disse:

1894 days atrás
..hope hedging went ok? ..awaiting natures pleasure seen through your eyes;) ..light is back up north, so happy I am! ..loveღaugust

augusts disse:

2038 days atrás
..six days from now on the sun will stopp for awhile when doing its turn-around-dance, just for you and me to know we then go for only brighter days;) so this is for you http://bln.gs/b/27o6fc

Fairymailing disse:

2051 days atrás
  ഐ“˜¨¨˜“¨ :-*
Eine schöne Vorweihnachtliche Zeit

Fairymailing disse:

2071 days atrás
__$$$$$$$$__$$______( " ""()
__$$____$$__$$____("( "o", )
says hello friendly

augusts disse:

2074 days atrás
..my sweetheart, I really hope you log in this weekend and join my party, my Challenge: BROTHER WHERE ARE YOU? is titletext that must be written ON blingee itself ..having any Brother or sisters? me are eldest of 3 sisters, and I have had the pleasure of teasing them all my life..hehe ..here is challengeICON http://bln.gs/b/27k8p2 will truly love for you to join in;)

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