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נєαℓσυѕу ιѕ αη υgℓу тнιηg....αη∂ ѕσ αяє уσυ ιη αηутнιηg вα¢кℓєѕѕ! нα! нα! нα! нα!  



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kaykitty727 disse:

14 days atrás
How is it that this girl can keep making profiles and keep spamming the challenges?

❅PrincessAnimeOtaku❅'s profile
This profile is currently set to private. 

p01s0n_l1p5_0... disse:

17 days atrás
How do you make stuff like those frames?

p01s0n_l1p5_0... disse:

17 days atrás
https://blingee.com/stamp/view/9420714-Frosty-Bling-Frame-Frost-Light-Blue-Frames-Cadre-Rahmen-Ramki-Ramcia?query=square+frame&list_type=1028&offset=97 These frame are absolutly georgous. You should make more of them I have added all of these to me favorites. 

kaykitty727 disse:

18 days atrás
❅Princess_Otaku_Anime❅'s profile

this person is Spamming all the challenges again and again. I really don't think she can read directions or understands them. this is happening every WEEK. 

kaykitty727 disse:

33 days atrás
Hello, I was just wondering where everyone's at? It's like a Blingee ghost town.  Love, Kay

shwetashweta disse:

42 days atrás
May join this challenge


rainbowgyrl disse:

43 days atrás
I use blingee for my homepage. For the last 3 days when I try to sign into the homepage, this is what I get.
Oops, Error
Sorry, it looks like we have encountered some technical difficulties. We will work on fixing this, but let us know if this keeps bugging you!
 Can you help?? Thanks Helen

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