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Hello! My name is Hailey!
I like anime, drawing, internet surfing, and reading. 
I am a Blingee Moderator. 
Feel free to check out my gallery of Blingees and stamps!

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Please be respectful and courteous to others on my page. Any form of cyberbullying, discrimination, and disrespect towards others will not be tolerated and will result in you being blocked on my page/reported to Blingee. 
Please spread the love and be kind to others!

Thank you!


P.S. ∂ση'т ғσяgεт тσ sмιℓε! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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diptishree disse:

927 days atrás
Are u on Instagram?? I'm diptishree04. .

japanfan12345 disse:

1099 days atrás
I like murder mystery ones and quite dark stories. Me and a friend have been writing one involving a married couple but one of them cheats. But they seem busy lately. 

japanfan12345 disse:

1104 days atrás
Mmhm they are. I really love writing so I try to write as much as possible. ^_^

japanfan12345 disse:

1105 days atrás
Aw well, I don't mind supporting my friends. I'm just surprised they want my advice. And I've been working on a few writing projects recently. Still got a lot of those to do. I've also been editing today since somebody requested I make them something for a club they started ^_^

japanfan12345 disse:

1106 days atrás
I've been okay, but very busy lately. I had quite a few different projects to work on, and had a few friend dramas. I seem to be the person everyone goes to for comforting ^_^

diptishree disse:

1107 days atrás
Hey sis....didn't chat for long....how are you??? ^__^

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