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nataliplus disse:

28 days atrás
Merry Christmas!

nataliplus disse:

229 days atrás
Dear friend! I created a new fun group. It is called "HUMOR FANS GROUP". In this group you can freely add your funny work. Entrance to the group is free. I'll be glad if you join my group. Welcome! Let's have fun together!

nataliplus disse:

243 days atrás
Dear friend! Welcome to the "World of Animation" group. The group is created for fans of cartoons. In our group you can immerse yourself in the magical and beautiful atmosphere of childhood, as well as in the world of adult animation. This is an active group in terms of competition. Entry of the members into the group is free and addition of works to the group too. We will be happy to join everyone. Here is the link

bilokasato disse:

253 days atrás
Everything must be done to help restore the profile of Natasha. This can only be done by administrators or moderators. We need to notify all friends of Natasha about what happened to her.

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