hey i'm jasmine you may know me from school as the quiet girl that cries too much if so then...this is my blingee account i love writing, drawing, and of course, making blingees sorry if I use your art without permission :'(

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jazzygal7 disse:

6 days atrás
So I hope you know more about me now...your really nice and I thank you for finding me on blingee 

jazzygal7 disse:

6 days atrás
And I draw but...I get nervous to make a public post with pictures of my art (I'm one of those girls who dreams of posting there art and some people will like her and her art)

jazzygal7 disse:

6 days atrás
Thank you but...i need to know how to make a great looking blingee (mine aren't the greatest and blingee is the only social sort of thing I post on I have Amino (app) but I'm way too nervous to actually post on there since...everyone's so good at drawing and posting 


36 days atrás
Don't put your self down.
1your just getting started here.
2I have had a LOT of time to learn.
3if any of my stamps will help,feel welcome to use them.
4always keep going, never let anyone put you or your art down.

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