Robbierob 1961 {aka} robbierobin 428

 Hello.. I am a Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 4 girls..My Sons are Military.  My birthday year is 1961  love art, imagination..sparkly things and the creation of..I have been addicted to Blingee for several years!  I love it..Please no Circle request if under 18..

If I see that I vote and comment on your Blingee artwork and you are not doing the same for my work I will delete our Friendship, some people just want to have a Friendship just to get unfair..

 I love Dogs! and all animals!..

I love Fairies and creating them on Blingee..
  I love creating different Blingees and  entering the Challenges..

1. Dial 911 immediately
2. Open the curtains to see if anything has changed  over the past few years
3. Shower
4. Threaten Blingee Team with an impeachment vote
5. Try to do some Work
6. Re-introduce yourself to your immediate family
7. You mean there's something else to do?

I do not like COPYCATS! yes people use the same stamps in a lot of Blingees! BUT PLEASE! be original with your own work and DO NOT try to copy others work with just slight changes!! I will delete you quicker than anything for this!! 

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BBB338 disse:

3 days atrás
Thank  you very much for the congrats! Your artwork is perfectly and beautifully composed! Hugs!

m.believer disse:

11 days atrás  for you have a super day

BBB338 disse:

12 days atrás
Thank you very much for the congrats!

passionpussycat disse:

19 days atrás
Hi Sweetie....Hows everything going? I hope well :) How was your Memorial Day? Did any of your kiddies get home for the holiday? All it did was rain here all day 
:( But having a lil party inside wasn`t too bad :) Sorry I haven`t been online for a few days as my Internet Provider was upgrading :)Well I Guess I was lucky it was down for 7 days....I guess it could have been 3 weeks Right? LOL LOL :)

Have A Great Evening :)

Your *FOREVER* Friend,

BBB338 disse:

20 days atrás
Wow! Congrats on #4 place win in Surreal Challenge with so many terrific entries! Love the eyes!

rainbowgyrl disse:

22 days atrás
THANK YOU so much for the congrats. on my #1!!! I am well pleased!!!!3> Yes it was hid lol:)

rainbowgyrl disse:

27 days atrás

BBB338 disse:

28 days atrás
Purple Goth--Congrats on your well-deserved 1st place win!! Bravo! Outstanding!!

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