Hᴇʟʟᴏ ᴀʟʟ ʏᴏᴜ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛɪғᴜʟ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ!

✿Hello! Aloha! Hola! Bonjur! Halo! Živjo! (Idk. anymore languages XD)
✿So um… Welcome to my profile

✿My name is Severina.
✿I'm 15 years old.
✿My birthday is on 31.8.
✿I was born in 2000 in Slovenia(It’s a really small country).
✿I love Disney since I was little.
✿I want to learn how to play piano.
✿I love to learn new languages, especally spanish and english 
❀Favorite food: pizza,
❀Favorite drink: cockta,
❀Favorite movie: Titanic(I also like Peter pan and Caspar),
❀Favorite performer’s: 
- Spanish: ☆ Maite Perroni(1.)
                    ♬ Rio Roma
                    ♬ David Bisbal   
                    ♬ RBD(ex-group)  
                    ♬ Anahi    
                    ♬ Dulce Maria
                    ♬ Jesse & Joy        
- English: ☆ One Direction (1.)
                   ♬ Bon Jovi
                   ♬ Bruno Mars
                   ♬ Boyce Avenue
                   ♬ Ross Lynch
                   ♬ Adam Levine(Maroon 5)
                   ♬ Ed Sheeran 
❀Favorite musician: Yiruma(He’s a piano player and he is A-mazing, you should check him out),
❀Favorite actor: /
❀Favorite actress: Maite Perroni(spanish), Selena Gomez(english)
❀Favorite ice cream flavor: strawberry ,

❀Favortie songs:
☆ Maite Perroni - A partir de hoy
☆ One Direction - What makes you beautiful, 18, don't forget where you belong, Gotta be you, Little things, More th,an this, Irresistible , Right now, No control, Story of my life
♬ Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
♬ Rio Roma - Hoy es un buen dia , Por eso te amo ,Por si mana 
♬ RBD - Dame, Rebelde, Solo quedate ne silencio 
♬ Wiz Khalifa - See you again ft.Charlie Puth
♬ 5sos - Amnesia
♬ Bon Jovi - Hallelujah 
♬ Anahi - Te puedo ecuchar, Algun dia
♬ Dulce Maria - No pares, Te daria todo 
♬ Bruno Mars - Just the way you are, Uptown funk 
♬ David Bisbal - Mi princesa, Digale
♬ Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud 
♬ Felipe Santos - Olvidarte
♬ Harry Styles - Don't let me go
♬ Jason Derulo - Marry me
♬ Jake Miler - A milion lives 
♬ Jesse & Joy - Corre
♬ Kelly Clarkson - A moment like this
♬ Luan Santana - Te esperando 
♬ Mane de la Para - Te tuve y te perdi 
♬ Marco di Mauro - Volverte a besar 
♬ MDO - Te quise olvidar 
♬ Miley Cyrus - I hope you find it , Every part of me 
♬ Ruggero Pasquarellli - Te esperare 
♬ Selena Gomez - Love will remember
♬ The Wanted - Heart vacancy 
♬ Christian Chavez - Y si no vez 
♬ Cher Lloyd - Love me for me 
♬ Demi Lovato - Warrior
♬ Henry Gallangher - Lighting 
♬ Ronan Keating - If tomorow never comes 
♬ The new Valvet - Hey lady 
♬ Ross Lynch - Stuck on you 

❀Favorite quote:(It’s not a quote but I just love this.)
'When I was little I picked up flower and put it in a vase. After a few days it died. I asked my mom why and she said:''You can’t force a flower to thrive somewhere it doesn’t belong to.'' 
Then I realized that people are like that too.

✿If you want to be friends with me just add me I like making new friends.
✿Add me on Facebook:Severina Pal
✿Be who you are love yourself and don’t let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world.
✿Bye! Adios! Au revoir(idk. if that was even right lol)! Auf Wiedersehen! Adijo!

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augusts disse:

2141 days atrás
..pretty butterflies, but sorry not in Challenge ..rules says titletext: BROTHER WHERE ARE YOU? must be written ON blingee itself;) ..you have one more try;)

♥Mαndу♥ disse:

2469 days atrás
Your blingees are beautiful! :)

Vote for me in this challenge if you can.

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hakimasalaad disse:

2469 days atrás
can you be my freind?

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