Hullo! :3 im kristina 
Im emo :3
Single <3 :3
Homestuck is so cool <3
Yez im lesbian get over it
Omg I'm crying

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Angel_dark_se... disse:

1541 days atrás
Hey buddy! ^^ What's up?? >w<~
For everyone that just entered in my circle:
Ty >wOb (P.S.:Im always the type that comment and rate at anything beautiful♥~)

Angel_darkz :)xx 

~(sry if you entered in my circle long time ago,I just remember now♥)~

theswanprince... disse:

1653 days atrás
hey do you remember me its not good to remain enemies forever but i just wanted to say im sorry if you do the same for me i hope we can be friends again

HannahJuly disse:

1710 days atrás
I was experimenting with the effects a little and I think it turned out well. Tell me what you think. Thanks for the request!!: http://blingee.com/blingee/view/134446638-Dave-Strider-Requested-by-shadowsaysrawr-

EspioXVanessa... disse:

1711 days atrás
Romeo:*pulls down her short pants and rubs some more*

ToadetteQueen... disse:

1711 days atrás

ToadetteQueen... disse:

1711 days atrás
Holy cow your right that will never be canon :3

ToadetteQueen... disse:

1711 days atrás
What is your otp? Mine is JohnDave :P

ToadetteQueen... disse:

1711 days atrás
For some reason I like all the not canon stuff. Except RoseXKanaya. I like JohnXDave, JakeXDirk, JaneXRoxy. It's strange 0_0

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