My name is Stephanie. I love helping people out and singing! I also have a love for deer and animals. I hate it when people hunt these innocent creatures down and use them as trophies! So please don't hunt deer. It's an evil act for people who hunt them for profits. I want this world to become a beautiful place to live!

Name: Stephanie

Birthdate: August 28th, 1992

Age: 26

Born: St. Petersburg Florida Bayfront hospital

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passionpussycat disse:

8 days atrás
I am working on mine :) LOL I plan on getting my tree tomorrow :) An decorating it on Saturday :) I am working on my meal plan & that's it so far :) LOL:) May The Whole Month Of December Be Filled With Lots Of Fun,Happines, & Joy :)

Merry Christmas To You My *AWESOME BESTIE*:)

Have A Great Thursday & An Even Better Weekend :)

Your *FOREVER* Bestie,

passionpussycat disse:

8 days atrás
Hi Bestie....TYSVM for the ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE & INCREDIBLY AMAZING Christmas Blingee Gift :) I so do *LOVE IT*!!!:):):)
TYSVM Sweetie for *Thinking Of Me* :) I hope that You,Your Family,Your Friends &
*PURR*/*FURR* Babies All have A BEAUTIFUl &
AMAZING Christmas :) May You Make So Many Precious & Magnificent Memories That Will Last You Many Many Lifetimes:):) So Do You Have Plans For Christmas Yet? 


passionpussycat disse:

30 days atrás
Hi Bestie....I am so sorry I have looked for that blingee gift that I sent to you its not showing up in my blingees either :(
I have been having problems with the blingee toolbar bouncing me backwards to the previous I have removed the blingee toolbar from my computer:) So I Will Resend it tonight....plz let me know if & when you get it :)

Thanks Bestie....You ROCK :):):):)

Continue to use the 1st gmail addy I sent you :)

coolguyz13 disse:

31 days atrás
Another thing is I'm happy for you and keep smiling and laughing.

coolguyz13 disse:

31 days atrás
Who wants to know? Haha It's Andrew or Andy very nice 2 meet you Stephanie. Where are you from?

coolguyz13 disse:

32 days atrás
Hiii there :) I'm doing pretty good thanks and you? Feeeling any better? you are very welcome :) !! 

passionpussycat disse:

44 days atrás
ATTN......Stephanie did you get the message I sent you 2 days ago (gift)about the addy?

Your *FOREVER* Bestie :)

rainbowgyrl disse:

52 days atrás
I would LOVE it if you will join!!!

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