i know you're no good but you're stuck in my brain

hiya :) I'm victoria and i hate boybands :) they ruined my social life :) 

I'm a chloe :)

4th of July ♥ le jour ou j'ai ete dans la meme piece que One Direction.

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these are just little things that i enjoy♥

one direction♡5SOS♡Selena Gomez♡Emblem 3♡pretty little liars♡teen wolf♡dylan o'brien♡ed sheeran♡little mix♡drawing♡painting♡starbucks♡tacobell♡brandy melville♡snowboard♡pennyboard♡cheerleading♡sleep ugh♡tumblr♡ and lots of other cool stuff

and I kinda like anime. but that's a secret ok shhhhhh

cathhh eva & aurore ♥

tout le monde est parti et ca me rend triste :( toutes celles a qui je parlais avant revenez je suis seule aw

can we talk about the fact that some people have the nerves to tell other people to go kill themselves? Fucking think you dumb piece of shit that person could listen to you and end his/her only life. What the fuck is wrong with the world. Some people are just fucking stupid.

im done. I'm falling apart and no one even notices. But I guess I have to remind myself that no one gives a flying fuck about me.

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Louis Tomlinson :]
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dalmy98 disse:

1613 days atrás
Vicky <3

Marcii.14abc disse:

1669 days atrás

.Paolina94. disse:

1670 days atrás
Vicki <3 <333333
Its been like 2 or 3 years !!! 
I miss you so much <333
ILY :**

.Paolina94. disse:

1706 days atrás
Vicky it's Paolina
Come baaack I miss you :(

my other profile got hacked so now i have to use this

miss youu

dalmy98 disse:

2060 days atrás
How are you sweet-heart?!

dalmy98 disse:

2061 days atrás
Miss you <3

.Pάȯŀıиά_♥ disse:

2074 days atrás

genemark123 disse:

2109 days atrás
My dearest!
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hoping to hear from you soonest.
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