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Well i think i might take a VERY VERY VERY VVVVVEEEERRRRYYYYY long break from blingee/ this account.
I will proberly go on 'firemoonpack' abit more though and i might be considering getting accont just for alistair and add some of my characters i acturly like rping with.

the reason for this is mainly cos im bored 
im bored of the same thing, over and over again

people who i used to rp wiv used to b soo much fun, but nowthey only really care about hockey and arnt really intrested in wolf rain or balto that much are just making rp so depressing and boring for me cos they dont but any enthusiasm as they used to do.

im sorry if i sound really selffish or what ever but i just dont c the point anymore :/ 

One more thing, if u really want to talk to me and im not online, u will have better luck looking on youtube i go on there ALOT i have loads of good friends on there who dont ignore me n stuff so u no where iam when u guys wanna talk :p 

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Smilesalot69 disse:

3206 days atrás
I took a break....a long break and am back if you happpen to come on....doin full time plus in college,etc....hope all is well with you...drop me a line if your back on..=)

ImHereToTellY... disse:

3241 days atrás
My page will explain about TheBoltFan2010

Dragonheart_95 disse:

3310 days atrás

RoxyTheWolf disse:

3363 days atrás
Roxy:-ears go down- A-ash..? -whines-

daniel___1998 disse:

3436 days atrás
por fabor se mi alumno en elbruto

entra a esta pagina

kumigirl disse:

3437 days atrás
Awww I'm sorry your bored..
I kinda miss it too :/

Jin_The_Fox disse:

3439 days atrás
Lulu:0.0 lollipop....*pokes alistair...
Ichigo:-.-your poking a dog lulu...
Lulu:i want it as my pet now! :D it can do anything!^^
Ryan:well thank you!^^u better than ben now! :D
Ben:-.-i don't care...
[i so agree about what u wrote on ur profile!-.-it has gotten boring here...i was about to quit but then i didn't]

libertythewolf disse:

3439 days atrás
I agree, it is sorta boring anymore. ^^'

Promise~*smiles* I'm not new, but Blaze is. He's been here for about 2 weeks. *shakes her mane*

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