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My name is : Sophie =)
Je m'appelle : Sophie =)
Mein Name ist : Sophie =)
Me llamo : Sophie =)

I am 16 years old. x
J'ai 16 ans. x
Ich bin 16 Jahre alt. x
Tengo 16 años. x

Please comment and rate my blingees.. :D x

S'il vous plaît mon commentaire et le taux blingees.. :D x

Bitte Kommentar und meine blingees.. :D x

Por favor, mi comentario y el ritmo blingees.. :D x

Bye xx
Au revoir xx
Tschüss xx
Adiós xx

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poetry101 disse:

3159 days atrás
 I see that you are a member in female pop star group. If you would like to sign up for cycle 5, do so here: 

the groups are: beyonce, taylor swift, britney spears, demi lovato, mariah carey, christina aguilera, selena gomez, lady gaga, rihanna, and katy perry.

poetry101 disse:

3231 days atrás
message is for female pop star group: 
1) Stop by and vote for your top three entries in challenge 8. remember you can't vote for yourself or team.
2) come sign up for cycle 4. The teams to choose from are: Avril, miley Cyrus, rihanna, lady gaga, mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Taylor swift, demi lovato, Christina aguilera , and Britney spears 

poetry101 disse:

3307 days atrás
these messages are for female pop star: 

1) Come vote for challenge 8 (holiday theme). Voting run until Oct 2nd. Remember you can not vote for yourself or anyone else on your team. 


2) The new signups are up for cycle 3. see the list of teams to join: 


Any questions feel free to ask me!! Good luck and keep up the good work!

poetry101 disse:

3375 days atrás
I see that you are in the female pop star group. Please come join a team for this cycle. The teams to chose from are: 1) rihanna, 2) avril, 3) britney spears, 4) christina aguilera, 5) demi lovato, 6) taylor swift, 7) mariah carey, 8) miley cyrus and 9) lady gaga. 


poetry101 disse:

3383 days atrás
For female pop star group: 

The last cycle is over. sign ups cycle 2 up. The teams will each have 8 members this time and are: 1)britney spears, 2) mariah carey, 3) christina aguilera, 3) lady gaga, 4) miley cyrus, 5) selena gomez, 6) ke$ha, 7) katy perry, 8) taylor swift, 9) avril, 10) demi lovato, and 11) rihanna. You can be the same team or different if you were in last cyle. Good luck!


poetry101 disse:

3386 days atrás
This message is for female pop star group:

Please come vote for your top three entries in the singer in your favorite color challenge. Voting will run until Sunday night. Remember that you can not vote for yourself or for anyone else on your team. Good luck to all who entered!! 


jesseforever69 disse:

3390 days atrás
hey thanks for the nice comment on my blingee!!

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