Wendy_75007 disse:

30 days atrás
Does it work with MAC ?

Wendy_75007 disse:

30 days atrás
Hi ! Hope you're doing well ! Would you tell me how you can make blingee without Flash Player ? I heard about " pale moon" but I am on a Machintosh  ( not a P.C ) I'm afraid it won't be okay for a MAC ?

Gabryon disse:

96 days atrás
Liebe Freundin, es ist nicht erstrebenswert Blingee wieder zu beleben, solange es gegen die Downvoter nicht vorgegangen wird. Da nützt auch nichts die langjährige Zugehörigkeit, oder die Treue zu Blingee.

dubravka4 disse:

162 days atrás
Querido amigo, Bellisima
Gracias por tus amables comentarios i tu amistad! Besitos ,que tengas un muy feliz dia! 

andie09500 disse:

165 days atrás
★★★★★Magnifique, Fantastique Création
★★★★★ LOVE, 5 ***** stars !!!

wilfried1947 disse:

168 days atrás
Theodoruka, usually organizations are hacked, not individuals. How do you get the knowledge that the flash player is to blame for being hacked? I have never had problems with the flash player. What did the hacker do to you? Did the hacker identify himself or was it a virus after all? What security measures have you taken to avoid mischief on your computer? Have you not installed any suitable antivirus programs or “Malwarebytes”? These programs should be installed on every 

DouceSophie disse:

168 days atrás
´❤️`_ (\__(\´❤️`
____ (=°ω°)つ 
__ _c(,(“)_(“)❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Have a wonderful day!´❤️` 
it is a magnificent work...´❤️`
 good morning my dear!! super!!

Teodoruka disse:

168 days atrás
You'd better be careful using this method. Last time I used it, all of my accounts got hacked.

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