justin bieber luv story part #5

justin bieber luv story part #5
Allie: *In the livingroom* *crying* thoughts: I can't believe that happened. I loved him so much.*sigh* I miss him. No Allie, he cheated on you remember, you're supposed to be mad. Mom: *walks in the room* Hey honey, I have to work a night shift, I'll be back in the- *sees Allie crying* *worried* What's wrong? Allie: Uhh....Nothing , mom*crying* Mom: Allie- Allie:THERE'S NOTHING WRONG!! *goes into her room and slams the door* *starts crying even more* *Phone rings* Allie: *looks at her cellphone and it says Justin**opens the phone* Listen Bieber, if you're gonna try to apolojize, there's no way I'm pulling through. Justin: Just listen to me please. That girl you saw was my ex. She was just giving me all this crap about getting baack together and stuff, then she came and kissed me. I swear nothing else happened. Allie: You swear you're telling the truth. Justin:Yes! Why would I do anything to hurt you? Allie: Maybe cuz you're a jerk *kidding* Justin: If I was a jerk I wouldn't be here right now. Allie: *frowns a little* What do you mean here? Justin: *smiles* Open the curtains Allie:*opens the curtains and sees Justin standing outside with his guitar* Omg you're not serious *runs outside to Justin* *puts her arms around his neck and hugs him* Justin: *whispers* Hi Allie: Hi *whispers* Justin: *puts his arms around her waist* I love you Allie: *laughs a litle into his shoulder* I love you too *pulls away and takes his hand and leads him to her room* *They get into the house* Justin: So this is your room. So many posters of..........me*smiles* Allie: *blushes* Justin: *stares into her eyes* Allie: *stares back* POV: Omg he's so gorgeous, it's like he's hypnotizing me! Justin's POV: Wow she so amazingly pretty. It's like she takes control of me! Allie: Soo,,,,umm Justin: *looks away embarassingly* Allie: *looks at him again* Justin: *looks back into her eyes* *leans in* Allie: *smiles* *kisses him* *They keep kissing until the phone rings* Allie: *jumps a bit* Justin: *laughs soflty* *Their faces are still really close* Allie: *looks down and smiles* *gets up and answers the phone* Hello? OMG are you serious? No!! *starts crying and hangs up* Justin: *worried* What happened? Allie: My Dad......got.....in a......car accident *between sobs* Justin: *speechless* *grabs her and hugs her* Allie: *buries her face into his chest and cries* 3 hours later Allie: *wakes up* Justin: *staring at the ceiling* Allie: *Gets up so that Justin would notice that she's awake* Justin: Hey, you're awake. Allie: mm Hi. *rubs her eyes* Justin: *sits up* Allie: *looks at the clock* Wow it's ten already Justin: Yeah. Allie: I'm so tired *sits on his lap and hugs him and rests her head on his shoulder* Justin: *kind of stunned cuz of what she did* Allie: *puts her head up* Stay over night Justin: What? I can't. What if your mom finds out? Allie: She won't , she never comes in here, plus you can leave before she gets here in the morning, just please, Justin don't leave me alone. Justin: *staring in her eyes for a bit* Okay. Allie: *smiles* Thankyou. Plus I think we have some unfinished business to do. Justin: *smiles* Allie: *kisses him* Justin: *kisses her back* Allie: *lies down* *still kissing him* *Their lying down next to eachother,, stil kissing* Allie: *stops* I think I'm gonna tell my mom Justin: Really Allie: Well yeah we can't hide it from her forever. * Justin gets a text message* Justin: Oh, it's my manager, I can't stay we have a conert tomorrow afternoon and then a meet and greet. Allie: Awwwww Justin: You can come if you want. Allie:uhhh,,, okay. Justin: Bye , love you. Allie: I love you too. Justin: *goes down the stairs and out the front door* Allie: *opens the window and blows him a a kiss outside* Justin: *walking backwards, catches it and puts it in his pocket* *They both smile*
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darkdiabla disse:

4810 days atrás
fantastic blingee 

Melina45d disse:

4810 days atrás
sorry peoplez its too long but i cant help it but plz read this story and send it to ur friends pwuezzz

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