Noone has loved anyone as much as a love YOU! PLEASE READ THIS STORY!!!!

Noone has loved anyone as much as a love YOU! PLEASE READ THIS STORY!!!!
the white was supposed to connect......sorry it looks idiotic lol. but each and every single one of those quotes is true. i know i am in love this time. ive thought i was in love, because it felt different, but this person it feels 100000000x more different! to proove i love him...i feel like i would sacrifice myself for him. i cant beleive at the beginning of the year when i asked brett "who should i ask out..." and she said "well what about thay guy kody. i am really good freidns with him and he is so much like you! he is emo, he if a goofball sometimes, he is funny and plain awesome" and guess what i said? "nahhh... i dont really know him and he never talks to me" i must have been STUPID!!! because in math classs one day i figured out why i was so depressed cuz something was "missing from myy life" i figured out, since i dont really like my bros (yeah i know... they are retards lol i love them but i hate them XD) and my parents dont really give me hugs that much anymore and stuff like that, that what i was missing was someone who i loved and can love me uncondicionally back. and i know i am pretty young..i am almost 12...but still. everyone else does; including brett! so, i got my guts together and wrote down these exact wordS: "hey brett...please dont make a big deal about this," (she did and still does lol anywway continued) " but will you ask kody if...he my bf? thanks :)" and she did. a few days l8r she walked by me and she said " yes!!" i was so happy! noone had ever said yes before! well about 4 weeks passed and me and him never talked. them we occasionally said a few words to each oter once in a while and then one day brett texted me saying "kody says he loves you!" ifelt like i wanted to scream! i even asked her if she was lying and she said no!!! yay!! well more and more i got texts fro her saying stuff like "kody wishes he could talk to you" and like after a month one day she said "kody says when u guys are older he wans to marry you!!!" and the whole time since the first text i grew to love him more and more. so i texted back "tell him that i love him too...a lot." eeeeek! (the good kind of eek lol) now we have been talking mroe...goofin around...hanging out...and flirting occasionally. now i go to tutoring with him and brett....1 to get my homework done 2...he i s there! hehehe! i have grown to love him so much that i cry when i come hom because he is not with me and i fel like i need him sometimes and all crap like that. and i really think i am in love. because i feel like if he was in danger i would give up myself for him and stuff like that. do you think i am love?! i think i am. all these quotes are the exact way i feel about him.....even though the blingee looks messed up. thanks for reading this really long story,,, sorry so log...but the way he feels about me and the way i feel about him is just amazing. and i am only 11 and a half years old. LOL. yes i am young...but still. it doesnt matter what age..aslong as you have a HEART to LOVE with. :) thanks, nicole. ps. i love you kody!!! :D and p.s.s. look at the tags!!!!!! XD somethin random lol
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the best love is YOUNG love! <3 

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