justin bieber luv story part #8

justin bieber luv story part #8
Allie: *gets up and kicks the sand* *screams* Ughhh *crying hard* Christian: *sees her crying* Omg *runs up to her* Are you okay. Allie: No Christian: What's wrong? Allie: I just lost someone I really loved and my sister's pissed at me. Christian: What do you mean? Allie: I basicaly told him off, I feel so bad. I yelled at him when he was only trying to help. *cries harder* Christian: Don't cry *hugs her* Allie: *surprised that he hugged her* Thanks Christian: No problem Allie: *wipes her leaking mascara* I'm sorry Christian: For what? Allie: *laughs a bit* For crying like this Christian: It's not your fault. Allie: POV Wow he's so sweet Christian: Allie Allie: Yeah.. Christian: I think I love you. Allie: *sits up shocked* Christian, I Christian: I get it you don't feel the same way, I'm sorry I said anything. Allie: Christian, I like you too, but I think I still have feelings for Justin. I'm really sorry Christian: It's okay *really sad* Hey, we're going on tour with Justin, for a week, you wanna come? We'll ride in the tour bus and stuff. Allie: Uhh, I don't know Christian: Oh come on, it'll be fun! Allie: Okay fine Christian: Awesome, well I gotta go, so I'll see you later *walks away* Allie: Christian Christian: Yeah Allie: Thank you Christian: *smiles and walks away* Allie: *looks around to see if Justin is still there, but he's not* *tears up a bit then walks home* Mom: Where were you? Allie: At the park Mom: Are you okay? Allie: Yeah*sniffs* I'm fine *walks into her room* Stacy: *walks in and leans against the door pane* So, I guess you and Justin are done? Allie: *grabs her suitcase and starts packing her things* Stacy: What are you doing? Allie: I'm going on tour with Justin Stacy: Pshh, like Mom is gonna let you *laughs* Plus I thought you and Justin were in a fight. Allie: Christian invited me and how did you know about our fight Stacy: I can tell, who's this Christian boy? Allie: *stops packing and looks up at her* Why are you so nosy? Stacy: Vic-ous! Allie:Just get out of my room! Stacy: Okay, Okay whatever. *walks out* *Allie gets a text message* It says: You broke his heart, now he's mine. Allie: Wtf *checks the number* Who is that? Whatever. *keeps packing* *starts to cry* *stops packing and sits down on the floor and buries her head in her knees* POV Why did I have to be so bitchy to Justin, he was just trying to help. I have to go apologize to him , first thing tomorrow when I get on the tour bus, I'll go say sorry. *Phone rings* Allie: *picks it up* Hello? Christian: Hey, it's Christian. Allie: Oh hey. Christian: I just called to say that tomorrow we're gonna pick you up in the tour bus tomorrow at about 7:00. Allie: Are you serious 7:00, that's like when I go to sleep. Christian: Oh shut up it's not that bad. Allie: Yeah, i guess. But what am I gonna do on a bus for a whole weekend with my ex? Christian: Don't say that, you guys are just in a fight. Allie: Yeah *voice is shaking cuz she feels like crying* A pretty big fight. Christian: Don't cry, please. Allie: *starts to cry* I can't take this anymore, Christian. I don't know what to do. Christian: It'll get better, Okay, I promise, It's gonna be fine. I'll fix it, Okay? Allie: *whispers* Okay, Thanks. Christian: Okay bye. Allie: Bye *The next morning on the tour bus* Allie: *walks on * Hey Christian Justin: *looks at her then looks away* POV I miss you so much. Stacy: *walks onto the bus* Allie: Oh Stace, Did I forget something again? Stacy: Umm, no *walks over to Justin* We're going out. Allie: What!? Stacy: Yeah, you're the one who let him go, you were a real bitch with him, and now I got him. Allie: How could you!! You ruin everything!! *looks at Justin**starts to cry hard* I was gonna apolojize to you, but you probably don't care about me anymore
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Kathy10229393 disse:

4805 days atrás
i love it!! so nice!!

seren-girl disse:

4805 days atrás
I Love him soooo Mutch<33
really Good blingee i LOVE IT!!

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