Broken Dream Part 2

Broken Dream Part 2
If you've read my channel, you'll see or understand that I am human and I too and tired of getting twisted lie's. There are video's that I have favorited about electronic harrassment and mind control and the man who's exposing what's happening is saying "I can only say so much" and he's basically saying "there is more to what's happening" and it pisses me off. When I started searching for answers, I was told about witch craft in music and the rainman and even when I excepted those lie's, everything still didn't make sense. When I went to the conference on electronic harrassment & gangstalking, some of the speakers there were telling people "no, this didn't happen to YOU" and "no, you're paranoid, there is no spy chip in you" and I told someone there that no one can tell them what they've been through or have not been through. You're emailing was alittle confusing but, the thing about me is because I don't trust anyone online, one of the great things about not having internet access all day is I don't READ into what most people say. I don't re read someone's email and think "what did you mean by that" (LOL) I don't re read what someone says and then imagine their head rolling. The great thing about being offline is when I do log in, I kind of scramble to answer emails or to get new info and then I log off. I am not sitting there reading my pleads for help or attention and realizing no one cares. I kow that there are going to be so many people who judge me and think I am crazy. Some people may even think I am not doing the right thing by blogging what happens to me when it happens....and although I repsect other victim's I am proudly say "FUCK YOU bitch" and strongly empathize the word FUCK with so much hate in me and from my gut. I am a good person but, this has changed me and it gives me a "I don't give a fuck about anyone" mentality. even my mom. I love her and I love my family but, it's not so much Me Against The World, it's Me Against Anyone Who Tries Me. This is my thing, I don't care about another victim judging what I do because them not speaking a harm's me and it harms the truth and it harms celebrities who are being lied on and you have no idea....I talked to a teen (one of the first comments I got when I started searching for answers).....and this girl said she cried when she found out Rihanna was demonic & couldn't sleep the whole night. I saw this guy cyber bully her and he called her a baby and I told her she's not a baby because I am not a baby. I have a conscience and when you admire someone, you don't want them to be demonic. I cried when I found out about Kanye West & Joel Osteen...and I am gay. I even misinformed people and probably rallied some up or made them even more mad. And that's why "stars" should speak up. Like I admire Oprah so much, I wrote to her and that white guy she worked out with in my journal and I got two of her journal's....but, when you find out about the rainman and hexing and witch craft, all a person's love goes to hate and it's damaging. Its more damaging to people to watch t.v and feel alone. It depresses people even more and that's where we lose people to sucide and or depression. So, I hope that you understand that I am not perfect, my channel isn't perfect and I am not looking for anything except truth. I only made my chaneel because someone's else channel kind of saved my life and or gave me peace of mind...Pay it forward like I did. Make a channel with YOUR music that heals YOUR soul. I share everything that's helped me and I am honestly editting my channel. I am not trying to kiss ass but, I am human and I can dmit I was wrong and humble myself. It only hurts me more to feel like Its Me Against The World. You have so much support, you just don't know it yet. After research, listen to music, pray to God. and the truth is, right now, its hard for you and I to talk to friends and family about this but, one day, that will come. More and more people are waking up and the one's who are cowards like the doctor's I knew, won't have a choice but to speak up. Another thing is pace yourself...give yourself time to heal. Don't rush anything. Start writing down when you are assaulted and the time. See every bad thing that happens as an advantage not the other way. Sometimes, I wanna puch the wall or I think about shooting a room full of people but, I control my thoughts and hope keeps me sane. Without hope and faith, you'll break down. If I let go of my dreams, I have no reason to live. Hope is one day, I'll find a woman who understands me and life will be "normal" enough for us to start a family. Without my hope and dreams...this whole world can explode. Kid's, too. Without hope, the world should end because every single person is being violated....and now even the people who harmed me. I'll bet bitches are calling the FBI like "you're going to let her blast me online"? They deleted my profiles before. My hard drive is gold, not to mention my journal and documention.....OMG the emails and threats I got. I didn't know about genoicide until threats started coming my way early is hard but, we have to overcome this or just die a slave....a butt fucked slave at, if i die this matter what i do...if i stop or not....then i am going to die fighting should too.
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