Maria on Sonic x

Maria on Sonic x
Shadow was walking along a path he was headed to the mountains where he saw robot that was destroyed he kept thinking about maria as he walked Shadow loved Maria she was his only friend.As he walked a little sparkle appeared then another then more then he realized it was forming something or someone By the time it was formed a body appeared it was a female hedgehog he felt like he knew her from somewhere Her blue dress,Her blue eyes,Her blond Hair."Could it be?"He said to himself."Shadow"Said the girl."M...Ma..Mar...Maria?"He muttered"Oooh Shadow "She said hugging him and started to cry."What the-"Even though he didn't know her although the way she hugged him it felt lik it was Maria"It's been so long since I last seen you"She said crying"Is it you Maria?"He asked "It's me Shadow... Maria"She said "How did you-"He said "It's a mircale shadow I can finally be with you and explore the earth like We always wanted"She said "I can't belive it's you after what happened i though-"He said Maria put her finger on his lips "It didn't shadow"She said happily
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