Chapter 2- Should My Eyes Believe What They See?

Chapter 2- Should My Eyes Believe What They See?
Chapter 2- Should My Eyes Believe What They See?********************************** I woke up early the next morning, I looked around the room as tho someone were watching me. I shrugged off the feeling and started to get dressed. Something was wrong.. I knew there was. I really hated this, then I smiled seeing my sketch book on the dresser. Hanna.. she would love to see my latest masterpeice or not. I shrugged knowing she'd drive me nuts if I showed her. I went out to the living room and watched some TV, after my fav show was off i ate some breakfast. Hanna still wasn't up.. i went to my bedroom to check on her, it was still pitch black in there and i didn't want to hurt her eyes so i just felt my way there. I reached the bed only stubbing my toe once. I reach out to shake her when the smell hit me, her perfume mixed with the horrid smell of blood. I shook Hanna and my hands became covered in blood. I screamed and shook my head, "NO! this can't be happening!" I closed my eyes real tight and then opened them hoping I would see my lover's eyes looking at me kindly, but instead i saw her sightless eyes staring into the distance. Slowly i gathered my strength and wrapped her up in the blood soaked sheets. i dragged her body to the basement and shoved her into the macanical room, slowly i reach for the axe, the moments after that were a blur. Soon the body was under the brick floor. My lover was buried in the house i shared with her for 4 years. I decided i would run and never look back. As i ran her voice would come back to me and haunt me. finally i was so furious i stopped and whipped around, no one was behind me but the house and my once lovely Hanna. "YOU'RE THE ONLY GIRL I'VE EVER DREAMED OF!" I screamed, "happy!? NOW LEAVE!" I walked into a small town at midnite, i walked past all the buildings like a shadow, i finally find the bar. Once inside i ordered a whiskey and i watched as four ppl r enjoying themselves on the dancefloor, dancing around and not even noticing me. ppl say that certein numbers r lucky, like 7 and 4 and some others. Well tonite 4 wasn't very lucky, tonite 4 was the most unlucky number ever. I stood up and pulled the knife from my pocket, one by one the 4 fell to the ground in a heap of blood and lifelessness. I closed my eyes and the pleasure strangled me, I opened my eyes quickly and gasped for breath. I staggered back over to the counter and drank a shot of whiskey. if it wasn't for me tilting myhead back to get that last bit i wouldn't have seen the guy running out of the bar. I would chase him but I'm satisfied with what I've done here tonite. I smiled to myself and walked outside, the sun was stinging my eyes, it was morning and i didn't relieze i was in there that long. A woman waved to me and her daughter hid behind her. I waved back but started to think, these ppl have no clue what im capable of doing, they have no clue what happened in the bar last nite. I walked around and saw all these ppl smiling and waving to me, it was like torture and my eyes could just see me bringing my knife across their throat just like that. Strange how this go like that. I shrugged and looked straight ahead of me and waved to the ppl that i saw out of the corner of my eye waving to me. I could hear Annabel's voice again and see her in every store window, the torture of hearing her voice was to much to take i sat down in an alley and closed my eyes, slowly i reached for my knife. I brought it to my throat. I woke in a house that i didn't recognize i spelled lavenders and apple pie. I grinned and followed the scent down the stairs, it stopped at a table full of food. I sat down and looked around as if waiting for someone to come out of the kitchen, I shrugged and ate. A few minutes later i was done and a woman was standing behind me watching, I stood up and turned to face her. I recognized her, she looked like my Hanna, the same Hanna i had murderered the day b4. I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, all she did was nod. We left the house, and walked thro all the allies. "And when i woke up i thought something was wrong but i just shrugged it off and went to the living room to watch my favorite show and eat some breakfast. I went back into the bedroom becuz she hadn't woke up yet and i could smell the blood. I reached out to shake her and my hands became covered in blood." I told the strange woman I now just called Hanna. She nodded and listened to everything i had to say without even saying a word back. i finally decided i needed a new woman so i leaned over to kiss her and i kissed nothing, I fell and awoke back in the ally, the girl i saw WAS my Hanna.. *********************** i spelt some words wrong i think
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2057 days atrás
cute & creepy 
love it, very much

Elk1000 disse:

4531 days atrás
i stand for creepy XD

xxRockfanxx disse:

4531 days atrás
5/5 & In my favs!

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