Its my life :3

Its my life :3
Its my life, I can like and hate what I want. I hate the music, not the artist of the song. Popular example, Justin Bieber. I admit, hes kinda cute, but I'm not really a fan of him, I only like, like, one song. But I don't hate him. He doesn't even write the songs, and he enjoys what he does, so leave him alone people. I don't call you a faggot for liking video games or listening to music. I hate football, I didn't care about the super bowl at all. The only thing I cared about was which was the winning square. We have this thing in my family, there's this game thing. We gave Bentley a square to help pay off his vet bill but he didn't win. I can hate football all I want. I'm lazy, I'm not a big fan of sports besides baseball and hockey. But I did wish the Steelers would lose. I was born and raised in Ohio, screw Pittsburgh, screw Michigan, they can go die in a hole. I don't really hate anyone in this world besides Sarah Palin and Myron, a kid in one of the other classes at my school. I hope they die horrible painful deaths and burn and rot in the fiery deep dark deaths of hell as the maggots pick away at their bodies :3 Take that Palin, you're not special just because you have such a "Tough job! Bawwwwwww! Bawwwwww!!" And just because you have a down syndrome kid. I have OCD, my sister had CP, and my brother has autism. I wouldn't lie about something like that, at all. I'm glad stupid Bristol lost in Dancing with The Stars (My mom watches it). I'm kinda Anti-Wolf. I know, I love wolves, but if you have dA account you would know about it. On their wolves are so over used that people become obsessed with them, these are the wolfaboos. I hate them. I love wolves, truly, but these people waste their lives worshiping them. Its disgusting. So theres this thing called Anti-Wolf. Also, I'm a tomboy. I don't care what you say, I have the right to be the way I want to. But I also read magazines, and do some kinda girly stuff. Its my life, you don't run it. I do. You can't change me, so screw off and die :3
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Sonic2223 disse:

4435 days atrás
Awesome,  agree with ya! =3

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