Meme (Read description)

Meme (Read description)
Rules: 1. Choose 4 of your OCs 2. Make your OCs answer these questions 3. Tag 4 other people 4. Add one question of your own I'm just gonna add myself too :3 1. Frostbite 2. Carrie 3. Sandy 4. Anna -A. How old are you? Me: 12 Frostbite: 3 Carrie: 19 Sandy: 1 Anna: 375 :3 I'm a vampire. -B. Do you want a hug? Me: Sure! :D Frostbite: Okay? Carrie: Uh, sure? Sandy: No thanks ^^ Anna: Uh... -C. Have any bad habits? Me: YES. Too many to list -.-' Frostbite: Very forgetful. Carrie: I bite my nails constantly. Sandy: Hm, none yet. Does chewing stuff count? Anna: I still can't really control my hunger for human blood... -D. You a virgin? Me: Of course! O.O Frostbite: Nope. Carrie: *Giggles* No ^^ Sandy: What's that? Anna: Yes. -D. What species are you? Me: A stupid human >.> Frostbite: Wolf Carrie: Human. Sandy: Dog. Anna: Vampire. -E. Have any kids? Me: No o.O Frostbite: Yes, four. Carrie: Yep, twins. Sandy: *Shakes her head* Anna: I wish -_- -F. Favorite food or drink? Me: Pizza, my favorite drink is probably...Mountain Dew throwback. Frostbite: Since I'm a wolf I can't eat a lot of food, but I do love venison ^^ Carrie: Hm, donuts and... I'm not sure what my favorite drink is ^^' Sandy: Anything that tastes good ^^ Anna: Blood. Hey, its the only thing I can eat >:U -G. Killed anyone? Me: Nooooooo...*Evil smile* Frostbite: Only deer and other animals. Carrie: Almost. Sandy: Oh no, I really hope I haven't, I'm just a puppy! Anna: Of course. -H. Hate anyone? Me: I try not to hate people, but its only natural that people do. We all hate at least someone, and if someone hates me, I'm fine with that. I hate Sarah Palin with all my heart. Frostbite: Not really... Carrie: Annabeth >.> (I haven't created her yet, I will after this.) Sandy: *Shakes her head* Anna: Werewolves, only some. -I. Any secrets? All: Like we'd tell you! -J. Love anyone? Me: My family, friends. Frostbite: My kids, my friends. Carrie: *Blushes* Of course ^////^ I do have a boyfriend you know *Smiles* Sandy: Ricky, hes a, though. Anna: My friends. -K. What is your job? Me: Don't have one. Frostbite: Since I'm a wolf my job is to care for my family, make sure they survive. Carrie: I'm an actress. Sandy: Nope! Anna: Don't have one. -L. Favorite season? Me: Winter. Frostbite: Winter. Carrie: Spring. Sandy: Summer. Anna: Fall. -M. Who's your best friend? Me: Not sure...I have a lot of good friends. Frostbite: Probably my older brother, Magma. Carrie: Snowfall, and my dog Kali, and Izzabelle. Anna is also my close friend. (Not Annabeth.) Sandy: Ricky, and I think Shep. (He's rped by someone else.) Anna: Carrie. -N. Hobbies? Me: Playing video games, going on the computer. Frostbite: Hm, swimming? Carrie: Acting. Sandy: Playing ^^ Anna: Not really... -O. What are you going to do when this tag is over? Me: Make another blingee. Frostbite: I dunno, maybe go hunting. Carrie: Take a nap? I'm tired *Yawns* Sandy: Not really sure... Anna: Probably get something to eat... -P. What is your eye color? Me: Brown. Frostbite: Blue. Carrie: Blue. Sandy: Brown. Anna: Yellow. -Q. Are you good? Or bad? Me: Neutral. Frostbite: Good. Carrie: Good. Sandy: Bad! XD Anna: Neutral. -R. Any last words? Me: WHAT?! Frostbite: Am I gonna die?! Carrie: Leroy Jenkins. Sandy: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Anna: Haha, nice try. -S. What is your greatest fear? Me: Dying... Frostbite: I agree with Jacklyn... Carrie: Me too... Sandy: *Cries* Anna: ... -T. Does your name have a special meaning? All: Nope. -U. What's your alt? All: What is that? -V. Any siblings? Me: 2, and older sister and a younger brother. Frostbite: 2 older brothers. Carrie: A younger brother (Hes new too) Sandy: A brother. Anna: A brother and a sister. -W. Where do you live? Me: Parma, Ohio. Frostbite: The woods. Carrie: At my mommies house! :D Sandy: I'm a stray... Anna: Wherever I go. -X. Do you find yourself attractive? Me: Psh, no, Frostbite: Average. Carrie: Kinda. Sandy: Yep! Anna: A little... -Y. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off? Me: I do plenty of stupid things. Frostbite: Scare a sleeping grizzly bear. Carrie: Same thing as Jacklyn. Sandy: Nothing that stupid yet, but I did get involved when my brother got in a fight with a pit bull... Anna: Kill a human in public... -Z. What is your gender? (This is the changed question, you don't have to change Z, I just felt like it. You can change this if you want to or leave it and change another.) All: Female.
criado por: jjackie1

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jjackie1 disse:

4244 days atrás
The blingee did load, its supposed to be all white because it doesn't really matter, I just want people to read the description ^^

kokoro498 disse:

4245 days atrás
I might do this meme,but I just have one question...what happened with the blingee?? D;

Soulangel11 disse:

4245 days atrás
The blingee is just white o_o

Sonic2223 disse:

4245 days atrás
lololol Very nice! :D Although the blingee won't load... DX

AngelTheHedgegog disse:

4245 days atrás

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