wich one of my sfc are you?

wich one of my sfc are you?
1. quiz starting! how do you feel? a. great! thanks for asking! b. shut up...T-T c. could be better... d. why do you care? e. i'd rather focus on other things. 2. how would you rather spend your day? a. shopping shopping and more SHOPPING!!! (me: okaaaay...) b. practicing my shooting (aims gun) c.hanging with my BF. d. flirting (cuz i'm single ;) e. paperwork (me: boooorrriiiiinnnngggg :P) 3. what power do you have? a. water (bubble pops from mouth) b. i have a skill with weapons... does that count? (me: suuure?) c. all powers. but mostly freezing time. d:to levitate things :) e. i don't have any powers. (if fixing my hair at amazing speeds doesn't count XP) 4. what OFFICAL sonic charrie would you date? a. sonic!!! b. silver c. tails d. knuckles e. shadow 5. admit it. you have all pretended your snow angel was you gaurdian angel. a. mmmmm... yes... b. *blushes* WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT GAURDIAN ANGEL?!? c. I guess... maybe? d. phhhhhssstttt.... n-no e. **** no. 6. ever tried tried marshmellow cobobb? a. only 50 times! b. marshmellow what now? c. hmmm... i don't remember... d.sur *licks lips* e. if it fixes my personal problems... 7. how do you feel about cosmo the seedrian? a. not too bad... b. hate the girls frikin guts... c. she could be nicer... d. she's not as bad as amy... e. she's pretty cool. 8. your usual mood at class is... a. chipper! b. bored and crappy. c. don't even ask... d. i guess i don't mind they blab there frikin mouths off... e. i just sit there and tap my pencil until the bell... 9. last question, feel okay? a. boo... y can't it last longer? b. glad the stupid questions are finally done >.< c. i could have sticked around for more... d. eh... i can ask better questions e. i can finally finish my homework :3 ANSWERS XD mostly a's: *drumroll* BLAIR!!!! you are a bit like amy, but a tad bit more nieve. your powers often backfire at you, but you keep practicing. slogan: always be sugar, spice, and everything nice! mostly b's: dun dun dun... BROOKE!!!! a bit moody when your even a tad bit annoyed. but you can get quite a temper when some one calls you a little girl... brooke: (pulls out gun) anyway... slogan: fill up your cup, then shut up. mostly c's: my favorite... TEDDY!!! always focusing on your boy friend teddy: WILLIAM IS SPECIAL!!! HE'S MORE THAN A BOYFRIEND!! and quite the tiger when it comes to flirting (get it?) the prettiest of them all blair: heeey.... slogan: i'm delicate as a snow flake... so don't heat me up! mostly d's: JANE KATE!!! desprate for a boyfriend!!! but can't be too carful... :T normal can be soooooo boring, you enjoy jumping around in your pj's listning to one direction at volume 100!!! slogan: looking for the right one... sorry it's not you! ;) mostly e's: may!! just so bummed out because you can't decide wich boy you like more! but you get over it over paperwork! yes... boring helps love prblems for you! slogan: nothing... :/ thanx guys!!
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jordanC.H disse:

3422 days atrás
:3 yay!

lillylove90 disse:

3422 days atrás
1.b 2.a 3.b(If a butter knife counts XD)4.e 5.a 6.c 7.d 8.a 9.a

I'm the pretty Blair! 

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