The bad, battered and abused

The bad, battered and abused
Meesha was a girl like you and I, she was quiet, nobody knew why, til one day the police knocked down the door, they saw this little child dead maimed on the floor. He eyes were black, black as the night, this girl had suffered much more than a fright, her mother was drunk and her father drugged up, meanwhile, her mummy had another cup. The parents in custody, the girl laid up, in a bed in the hospital, happiness but. She had a low chance of pulling through, now this girl is 18, she's just like me or you. She was adopted by a lady, caring and kind, her husband was loving with an intellectual mind, all they wanted is for Meesha to be well loved, now this was the family that she had dreamed of! Happy and free spirited Meesha moves on, she has three children, Ella, Meg and Don. Her husband was her best friend in high school, Meesha does knitting, with coloured wool. The family still thrives, the story ends well, at least Meesha does not have to endure any more hell. The end. Flower lovers. HannahJuly. xoxo.
criado por: HannahJuly

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Georgius999 disse:

2883 days atrás
fantastic creation. 5*****


lubovl disse:

3509 days atrás
Счастья! 5*****


3510 days atrás
super !

tarotgirl1 disse:

3510 days atrás
._/\_ ……......_/\_
…) . (_ ..….. _) . (
…..) .(.…..… ) .(`.
……. )_\ _ /_(
… …...( •)(• ) RuDoLph! oH nO
……….. / |`\ He TiNkLed on your
……….( :@: ) super blingee HeE HeE have a great weekend xxxx
……… ..✰✰

mimib06 disse:

3510 days atrás
beautiful 5*****

manishaseeruttun disse:

3510 days atrás
SUPER! 5*****

charlottedu32 disse:

3510 days atrás

Liebchenbb disse:

3510 days atrás
have a good day ☼ for you!
 .... ( ... and this is a 
 .... )) ... great work 5★
 .... ((( .... super!
 . (""""'")O .. ✕ ◯
 .. \___/ .. ❤-lichst Hanni

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