I had a bad day and yelled at Andrew

I had a bad day and yelled at Andrew
Savanna: *I fall off my scooter in gym and gets the wind knocked out of me and a minor concussion* Owww! Andrew: *looks at me* Huh? Oh Savanna you're fine get up! Savanna: *growls* I am NOT fine you idiot! I'm hurt and I can't think straight! Andrew: No you're alright trust me! Savanna: NO I'M NOT! Andrew: *rides away* Calm down missy! *later after the game I run out of the gym crying then at lunch things got worse* Andrew: Why are you so sad? *puts his arm around another girl in a friendly way* Savanna: * I put my head in my jacket and starts to cry* Andrew: Oh no don't cry! I don't like this girl in that way we're just friends I promise! Savanna: * looks up* Do what you whatever you want moron I don't care! *I run out the lunchroom in tears* Andrew: *follows me* Wait don't leave I'm sorry! Please don't leave me alone sweetheart! Savanna: Go away! Lunchroom lady: Both of you get back to your seats! Andrew: Ugh fine! Savanna: No I won't go! *runs out the lunchroom anyways* Another teacher: *follows me* You are getting reported to the prinicplas office for disobeying rules! Savanna: Could this day get any worse! *I run away howling and crying like the drama queen I am* Yeah i had a bad day on wensday I broke three of my art things in class that I was making for chirstmas, my art teacher yelled at me for it then in gym I was miserable because of things at home then I fell of my scooter and Andrew was unsyemipatetic towards me (he wasn't himself that day I guess) then in lunch he went and sat with other people I followed him then he explained he didn't like this other girl he only loved me but I didn't belive it and I left then I got in huge trouble then when I went home my sister was mean to me and called me a spolied brat man I had a very, very bad day that day I just told my dad about it tonight and I said I wanted to kill myslef still deciding whether I should do it or not
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Angela1a1a1a1a1a disse:

3603 days atrás
Oh poor you sis i wish i was there to help you!I have bad days too,and i just can't stand it and so i do cry!It looks like Andrew was different that day maybe,but sis plez don't kill yourself you belong in this world i walways say i don't but we do!

scampskey89 disse:

3603 days atrás
oh , poor you :( this shouldn't happen to you ...

anlorv disse:

3603 days atrás
┊   ┊  ┊ 
      ♥♥♥KISSES & HUGS♥♥♥....Anlorv♥♥♥

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