A baby left to rot while it's family were laughing with each other...

A baby left to rot while it's family were laughing with each other...
Stupid friends! Stupid everybody! I want to die so much, SO MUCH! I hate my life, I've considered suicide and people say "Oh that's nice." so maybe I will! To prove my life has been nothing more than hell! I hate boys, they all use you. I only will have a boyfriend if he pays me £250. I use people now as people have battered my heart. T^T Emo, goth, baby. Gothic, etc. HannahJuly. xoxo.
criado por: HannahJuly

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superanimelover disse:

2953 days atrás
oh my god!:(
please don't!
don't let people put you down my friend
please stay strong

PrincessCaden... disse:

2953 days atrás
Oh my gosh!!! I hate boys too. I'm sad now. I hate suicidal thoughts and dead babies and blah.

JustRosieYay disse:

2953 days atrás
Imagine the morning/night you committed. Your parents tears running down their cheeks, asking themselves why their daughter committed suicide.your sibling(s) losing their sister. Your whole entire family would care about you as well as your friends. imagine the person that had to tell your friends you are dead. the world needs you here. if you were worthless you wouldn't be alive right now. so don't ever think about suicide

JustRosieYay disse:

2953 days atrás
You have a lot of things to look forward to in life. before thinking about suicide think about your future. Your baby's first words. Your wedding. Becoming successful in the future. it is all coming ahead. one day you will find a boyfriend because you are special

KittyCatRarity2 disse:

2953 days atrás
and don't kill yourself you have so much to live for!

KittyCatRarity2 disse:

2953 days atrás
anytime i look at scary stuff it gets me nightmares but i really don't care

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