Fall is right around the corner!

Fall is right around the corner!
Me:That's right! fall is right around the corner! So Me,Sonic and Tails are getting ready! Tails:This is going to be awesome! Sonic:Heck yeah! i am so going to scare you guys Me:What did you Just say Sonic:Nothing! Tails:HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE! Me:Its not the end of september yet! Tails:I know! But its my birthday too! Me:Not till october! Sonic:So have you guys picked out your costumes yet? Tails:No not yet what about you sonic? Sonic:Not yet! Jade? Me:Yes i have! going to be Cleo patra Tails:Wow! You plan things ahead of time Me:Yes yes i do! Sonic:Hey Jade whats your IQ? and what does IQ stand for? Me:Intellagence Quotenent Tails:So whats your IQ? Me:Im not telling you guys but it is on the high average Sonic:So can you help me with my homework? Me:NO! Sonic:Tails? Tails:No sonic! you have to learn this your self or your going to depend on other people for everything! Sonic:BUT I HAVE MY PRE-SATS ON MONDAY AND IF I DON'T ACE THIS IT MEANS SUMMER SCHOOL FOR ME!!! Tails:Um i don't know Jade you wanna help me tutor sonic? Me:Sure why not! but after this sonic needs to start learning on his own! *Tails&Me nod in agreement* Sonic:OK! OK! BUT PLEASE HELP ME!!! *crying while begging them* Tails&Me:WE SAID OK! Sonic:Great! here are my papers and you can do the work! *sonic hands them the pre-sat papers and runs off* Tails:Typical sonic! Me:I know right!!! Tails:And he doesn't even say thank you! Me:Well i did read that S named boys are guys with very few words but they make up it up by their good deeds! Tails:Sounds like sonic! so what am i? Me:Do you want M or T Named boy? Tails:T! Me:T named boys are supportive studs! and they will be there for your biggest moments! Tails:Where did you hear this all? Me:In my quizfest magazine! Tails:Awesome! i picked up this months issue and it says that J named girls are very competitive but always play fair Me:Sounds like me! but to be honest i let sonic win Tails:Really? Me:No! he is way too fast for me! Tails:I think your fast! Me:Thanks tails! but who can compare to sonic's speed? Tails:That would be a hard one! maybe shadow! Me:Maybe! Shadow is about as fast as he is please don't tell sonic! Tails:I wont! Me:Slap swear? Tails:Slap swear! *They both give each other a slap on the cheek* Tails&Me:Ow! Me:Sometimes i miss the pinky swear! Tails:I agree! *They are both rubbing their cheeks* Me:We better get out of here its almost dark out Tails:Want me walk you home? Me:Well ok! but its only right i walk you home im 16 days older than you Tails:*sigh* ok! Knuckles:*walks to them* Ill take you both home! im older! *Flexes mussels* Me:*rolls eyes but tails did not cause he was used to knuxs ego* Tails:Ok! lets go! *Everyone is walking and they reach tails house* Tails:Hey thanks guys for walking me back here! Me&Knux:No problem! Tails:Sya! *he waves to them* Me&Knux:Sya! *they wave to tails and walks away* Knuckles:Its pretty quiet around here! Me:Yeah *they arrive at my house* Knuckles:Ok this looks like your stop Me:Hey knux thanks for walking me here! Knuckles:Anytime! Me:Sya! *waves to knux* Knuckles:Sya! *waves to her and then he walks home* Sonic:*eating a whole pizza* Me:Sonic! please! save some for me! Sonic:Here have a slice! Me:Thank you *grabs a slice* Mmm this is good what is this? Sonic:Chilli dog pizza! Me:Weird creation but not bad! Sonic:Thanks! wanna try some PB&J soda? Me:How the heck do you make these things!!!
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dww1998 disse:

3117 days atrás
great fun. next time don't trust Sonic when he's talking about homework ;) 
it's really funny
5 stars

have a nice day

LoveGunKISS disse:

3117 days atrás
Awesome! 5 Shiny ☆☆☆☆☆!

KittyCatRarity2 disse:

3117 days atrás
5 S.T.A.R.S.!

_shyler879_ disse:

3117 days atrás
(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
  ✿♫ ♥ɪ ʟσʋε ɪᴛ✿♫ ♥
¤ º° ¤`•.¸.•´¤ º° ¤

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