You and Erich had been dating since 7th grade. You loved him more then anything else in the entire world. One day after your usual friday date night he dropped you off at home and walked you to the door. You guys got there and he looked at you like he was going to cry. You asked him what was wrong but he cut you off. "_____ it's over. Sorry I've wasted all these years of your life but I'm just bored. I need to meet someone knew. Plus I'm moving so there's no point to keep in touch" You stared at him in shock. You couldn't even find the words to say anything. There was no sign of a breakup everything had been fine before now. You stared at him sobbing and said "Why? Erich I love you. I always have! What happen what did I do wrong please don't leave your my bestfriend! I'll never love anyone else.!" he looked at you crying and angry. "Don't do this _____" and he started to walk back to his car sobbing too. He got in and locked the doors and sped off as you chased him down the street crying and screaming. And just as he turned the curb you tripped and just laid there and cried on the ground for what seemed forever. School was never the same you barley smiled anymore and almost never talked. Untill almost a year after Erich had been gone you got home and there was a man standing at your door. You walked up nervous but he was a police man so you didn't have to worry. He said "I have two letters for you" with the saddest look in his eyes. He gave you the first one and it was from the goverment telling you Erich died In action in the war. You just fell to your knees and said "War? He went to the War? Why didn't he tell me?!" crying now. The police man handed you the other letter looking like he was going to cry too. "I think this will explain it all. You know I've never seen anything like that" the police man said as he walked away. You opened up the next letter and it was from Erich. "Hey Baby, it's Erich. Look if you get this letter it means I didn't survive. So this letter is real scary to write because I hope you never have to read it. I was going to come back if I made it out alive you know. I was going to tell you every thing. But I figured it might hurt you less if you didn't care about me like you used to when you found out I died. Thats why I had to break your heart in the most awful and cruel way. I loved you with everything I had. I brought everything you ever gave me and every picture of you to war with me. I kept my favorite picture of you, you know the one of you at prom, stuck to my heart every battle I went to. And you know I wasn't scared of dying. Becuase I had already lost you so nothing could be scarier then that. I was just scared that I'd never be able to see you again. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. I could never get bored of all your smiles and laughes. I wanted a future with you. Kids and a big house, the whole thing. In all my years of being alive I've never met anyone like you. All my war buddies are dying to meet you. Cause your all I talk about. Most of them have fallen in love with you too! hahaha. Please don't cry over me _____. You are the prettiest girl in the entire world. And you've got an even better personality. You'll find a man that makes your heart skip a couple beats just like you made mine. And maybe you'll just have to remind him how lucky he is, becuase losing you is the worst possible thing I can imagine. Don't lose your sparkle. Thats what I fell in love with. Go back to school and hold your head up high smile and laugh, do it for me please. Just becuase I'm gone doesn't mean that noone else should miss out on a smile like yours. Go out and have some fun! Call up the girls stay in and cry for a couple days and talk about me but thats all! I want you to move on. I want you to start your life. Maybe we were just never meant to be, there are bigger things planned out there for you. Just be the girl I fell in love with all those years ago and everything will be alright. I wish this letter could be longer but I'm about to go into battle and this one is the one I'm not so sure I'll survive. I just want you to know, I love you. I always have, I always will, no matter how far away I am from you. I'm just a piece in your life but your the finished puzzle in mine. I love you ____. All I want to do is say it all day to you. Love forever and always, the boy who lost his everything, Erich." it was hard to read becuase there were tear marks all over the page. But all you did was lay on your porch all day and cried. When your parents came home from work they read the letters and helped you up to your room. You never really fully got over Erich. But one day his war buddy Josh showed up at the door. He told you all the stories Erich ever told them and gave you back everything Erich carried around. You guys talked a bit and became life long friends. Eventually you fell in love and married him. You guys had a beautiful son you named Erich. And the Letter Erich wrote you hung in a frame on the wall. You and Josh loved each other very much and both thought if Erich couldn't have you he would of wanted Josh to. You and Josh lived happily ever after. aww :( (the guy looks so fimaliar)
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oliviamonkey96 disse:

5079 days atrás
omg im crying ......
this is a beatiful and sad thing icould neverget over it ......i would just have to die....this is a true story right...

♥XxBetterthan... disse:

5096 days atrás
this made me cry =[

Felicia16789 disse:

5100 days atrás
thats so sad

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