~Anime Forever~

~Anime Forever~

Hey!! Do you love anime!? Then you came to the right place! Join us and enter competitions with awesome prizes! Join in, in our games too! :D We weclome all anime lovers!

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 Welcome to ~Anime Forever~!! This is my first group! Yay go beginners lol! There are a few rules however to this group here they are.
       No nudity or offensive language.
       No rude comments
       Only anime blingees
       Yaoi and Yuri are allowed(but no vulgar or nasty things or it will be removed and so will you you've been warned!!!)

I will start posting up all the winners from this group contests starting right now:

Winner of the first contest: 
NxXNarutofreakXxN = http://bln.gs/b/1ratcc

Winner of the second contest: 
wroni87 = http://bln.gs/b/1vvest

Winner of the third contest: 
jessixox602 = http://bln.gs/b/1zxpmo

I will also start putting outstanding blingees right here starting now:

by: -dreamXmidnight-

by: Pinfuta

by: Pinfuta

by: Digitamer29

by: kokoro9

There will be more blingees, I'm still looking through them lol because we have so many! That's a good thing BTW lol =D

Contest info.
   -Normal Contests 
        *3 blingees per person
        *must be with the theme given
        *NO vulgar blingees
        *winner will be given a prize(prize varies)
        *the winner gets to choose the next theme
        * other rules will be added if necessary

   -Special Contests   
        * This contest happens on occasions.
        * The prize will be bigger and better
        * The winner gets to choose the next theme.
        * Harder to win
        * More details will be given when one occurs.

If anybody has questions about this group or has something to say, please leave me a message Kilala475. 

I want to thank you for joining this group or for viewing this group. I have worked hard into trying to make this group fun and exciting. Although, I don't exactly know how lol. If anyone is willing to become a manager on here please leave me a message. 


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