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I thought of creating this topic, which I state is neither a challenge nor a competition, but only a way to express what you most want to be. For example it can be a character side, or a profession
I would love if you would make a blingee with what you most want to be and a short description and post your blingee here.

Tell me if it's a good idea, or rather leave it alone

An example to better understand: I would like to be a chemical engineer and this is the blingee that represents him  https://bln.gs/b/29xuiz
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I'd like to be a famous singer
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Ich wollte als Kind immer Floristin werden. Dann habe ich aber eine Ausbildung zur Köchin gemacht. 
Zur Zeit Arbeite ich in einer City Farm . Wir bauen dort Gemüse und Obst an . Und verarbeiten das Geerntete für Verkauf und Eigenbedarf. 

Em destaque

Alles Liebe zu deinem Geburtstag

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