friends the last one part 2

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Legend of Alinka begins part 2
~'On The Road to Dorothy Lamour'~
✡♥✝--ωнєи ι ℓσσк αт му ℓα∂у, gιяℓ уσυ αмαzє мє<3--✝♥✡ {ⓚⓨⓥⓘ}
~*~ Oren Ishi ~*~  .........Kill Bill  ;)
Miss  And Love You Always
Hacks!♥[[ORiiGNAL BLiiNGEE]]
~Silent Star Myrna Loy~
Toby- The Mystic part one(no i didnt write this)
lolena part 5
the rst of it p.s i am making the part 2 know wich will probaly be done in a week or two ok