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Welcome, everyone! Now, all of you are welcome here. So you can all read. Let me tell you all about me, my other account on blingee is Mimi-95. I go on ashleymusic.com, clubpenguin, webkinz, photobucket.com and here. My nickname is Mimi. I use it everywhere. I also have Gmail account. Two but I mostly going on Gmimi1995@gmail.com. My real name is Marissa. (Mer-ris-sa) I live in the state of Indiana. Part o the U.S.A.  (United States of America) Most people don't have accounts on anything like this here. But I do. I've been in Indiana all my life. My birthday is November 19, 1995. I love the colors of pink, purple, and blue. I also, love to online chat. Some of my friends in real life have accounts here. They only have accounts now because I told them, to. One of them is Olivia Franks. She is a very nice girl! (Very, very, very! LOL) http://blingee.com/profile/Disney_365 . Her nickname is Livy. I live with my mom, dad, and sister. Dog, Sadie. Cat, Tokie. http://blingee.com/profile/Mimi-95 is my other account. I love to make blingees!! Do you like my profile? I hate it when ppl judge others by color and hipe we can be friends!! GREAT!! Have a great life on here making blingees, and friends! Buh, bye!
P.S. Join my circle please!
Everyone Is Special In Their Own Way! XOXO
Dreams Are Forever!

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blade2001 disse:

5469 days atrás
it justs hurts my feelings cuz i thought we were bff's
was i wrong?

AllStarPrince... disse:

5503 days atrás
I have to go now! Have a great night!
Everyone Is Special In Their Own Way! XOXO
Dreams Are Forever!

soulja_gyrls03 disse:

5503 days atrás

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