•✿• ♎ BluLibra ♎ •✿•

✿ Hi My name is Sarah ✿
You can call me BluLibra or Sarah on my Blingee posts

✻ ღ I am from New Zealand ღ ✻

I am married and I have 5 sons and 1 daughter which are my World & Life...❤

                          ✿ܓ I am Libra ♎ October Born ✿ܓ

Love ❤ Everything to do with Libra ♎ Music ♫ Nature's Beauty, Animals, Flowers ✿ܓ, Quotes (Proverbs and Sayings), Family and Making Blingees ❊   

               ❤ Love the color Blue hence the name ♎ BluLibra ♎ ☆

                                            ✻ ✿ƸӜƷ✿ ✻               

I will always do my best to comment on each Blingee and will always give you a 5☆...for every Blingee Creation is Beautiful made with                            ❤ Love & Heart ❤

I would like to Thank Everyone in Advanced who has Liked, Commented and Voted for All My Blingees I made so far...I Appreciate it from My Heart...10 December 2015

Being New to Blingee I have a lot to learn...things like entering Competitions & Challenges, How to Vote and Where to Vote, Starting your own Challenges, Sharing Links and posting Links on Friends Profiles,Commenting and Sending Gratitude Messages to Friends in your Circle, Sending Gifts, etc...in due time I will learn.There is so much to learn but Making Blingees is What? it is all about...so Blingee on...❤
10 December 2015

I have been on Blingee for awhile now and have made a few friends along the way. I'm quite scare reading some Profiles on how there are people turning others against one another. I see that some people use other people's Blingees and post them up like their own creations that is disheartening to see. All off my Creations I have made on my own with stamps used by Great Blingee people who created them and a few off my own I uploaded, from the internet or my images on my computer. Just wanted to put this out to all My Friends on my Blingee List and those viewing my Profile. I spend hours creating What? I think is a Beautiful Creation with the Inspiration of other Blingees that I have seen and liked. Of course like everything in this World our Creations we make are our own and should not be disrepected or copied unless permission is given from the Creator. I don't mind people using my Blingees as their Profiles or to send to others on Blingee,  all I ask is to Acknowledge the person Who? made it. I really do have so much to learn about The Blingee Community. I do have to say I don't like Drama or people being Unfair. 29th December 2015


                ✿ PRAY FOR FRANCE ✿

❤ This candle is for Paris ❤
         …….  ( , )  
{¯`*•._ >* ❤ *< _..•*’¯} 

8th of January 2016...My Husband and I recently Celebrated Our 20th Marriage Anniversary...♥

So many off our Legends are passing...R.I.P to all our fallen Legends we grew up with, and to all our fallen Soldiers from around the World who deserve recognition and gratitude...♥ 22 January 2016

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nataliplus disse:

966 days atrás
Merry Christmas my dear friend!

ZaharaBlue disse:

966 days atrás
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sunshine1111 disse:

1259 days atrás

piedad5007 disse:

1260 days atrás
...{`--..-.'_,}     W onderful
.{;..\,__...-'/}    O ustanding
.{..'-`.._;..-';      M arvellous
....`'--.._..-'       A dorable
........,--\\..,-     N ice
........`-..\(..'-...\ https://bln.gs/b/29pjkc
...............\.;---,/  Congratulation dear Friend
..........,-""-;\    International  Women´s Day
......../....-'.).\\            8th March  2019
........\,---'`...\\..... God Bless you always

p01s0n_l1p5_0... disse:

1266 days atrás
PDB *OPEN*~New Stamp Challenge (02-27-19)

nataliplus disse:

1270 days atrás
♥The Pixie Dust Blingsters♥
Dear friend! A new competition has been opened in our group. Join us!

BBB338 disse:

1272 days atrás
**Pixie Dust Blingsters** 


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