Hello to all!

If you were to ask my close friends, they'd probably describe me as an overdramatic, happy-go-lucky girl who should have been born a blonde. Heehee...and they are probably right!

When I'm not busy with school work you can usually find me cartooning, making amv's to post on Youtube, or writing fanfics about my favorite manga/anime. I can honestly say I have not ONE mathematical or sicentific bone in my body. Yup. My right hemisphere tends to get used a whole lot more than my left. Honestly...numbers are BORING and the only time I ever find them useful is when I'm shopping lol.

Hmmm...I have this habbit of slipping into a daydream whenever I get bored. My hobbies include singing in the school choir (and giving random performances to my family whether they want to hear me sing or not!), cartooning, writing my fanfics, creating amvs, and playing online RPGs. The genres of music I listen to are christian, rock, metal, broadway, jazz, and pop.

My favorite manga as of now includes Tokyo Mew Mew, Chocolat, DN Angel, Ouran High School Host Club, Absolute Boyfriend, and Dramacon.

My favorite animes as of now include Tokyo Mew Mew, DN Angel, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club, and Black Blood Brothers! I have just recently discovered Black Blood Brothers and...I LOVE IT!

My favorite anime guys (ahem...husbands heehee) are Ryou Shirogane (from Tokyo Mew Mew), Dark Mousy (from DN Angel), Jiro Mochizuki (Black Blood Brothers), and Kyon (from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) just to name a few lol.  There are many more.

Favorite activities include:  drawing, singing, and writing.
Favorite bands include:  Simple Plan, New Song, ATEENS, and Tatu.
Favorite foods include:  Sweets and almost anything mexican.

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zellrules1994 disse:

4827 days atrás
happy 4th of July =D

123tmb321 disse:

4861 days atrás

zellrules1994 disse:

4871 days atrás
thanks X)

zellrules1994 disse:

4877 days atrás
lolz XD i'm good

zellrules1994 disse:

4880 days atrás
hello!!i like ur blingee:3 btw how r u

Serenity.flip... disse:

4926 days atrás
wow u r like my twin LMAO!
 i like all kinds of anime well gotta go talk to u later byee

Serenity.flip... disse:

4926 days atrás
You have reli nice blingees!

sandy174 disse:

4983 days atrás
hehe dont problem!

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