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XAnime-AngelX disse:

4863 days atrás
I invite you into my groups .. hope you take this invitation.
Thanks in advance ... 

eddiesgoddess disse:

4882 days atrás
This Blingee is made for all my friends who make me who I am on here!! Without you my pics wouldn't be anything. It's your ratings and comments that make my day!!! Thank You!!!

eddiesgoddess disse:

4889 days atrás
hello again!!! Could you please do me a favor my mother just joined blingee not to long ago and she has no one but me in her circle. If you could take a few moments out of your day and check out her pics and rate them and maybe invite her as a friend!! thank you!!!

g3n-8 disse:

4922 days atrás

lis0rt0n disse:

4931 days atrás

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