If You Cant Rule Them Than Kill Them

Heh...well I wont be on...MUCH.
Not like you should really have a reason to care.
A couple of things that you should know about me before getting to know me.

* Im not in the least bit friendly to people that I have just met. In fact, it will most likely seem like I hate you which will probably be hitting the nail straight on. 

* It takes a long time for me to actually be "friendly" to you. It can take someone as long as a couple of months before I even START to give them my respect. Now there will be several things that will depend on this such as if you are a good friend of someone I deeply admire, but the people that I admire are VERY few.

* Not like there should be any reason for people to hassle the white bear thing =___=, but...
If you should so as happen to even give that bear named Umi or something or other...any problems whatsoever I will NOT tolerate ANY of it understood?!
*dark piercing glare down to your very soul...very spooky-like =.=*

* Im a dead serious person. There will be times when I will be all happy happy joy joy and such with you, but dont automatically expect that. I am even serious with the bear for crying out loud. =__= And so I should say this straight out. I hate childishness. Things like "lol" and "yo" and other things that are related to that I HATE to hear. IF you speak like that to me then I am assuming right then and there that you are only trying to annoy me and I hate irritating things/people.

* I hate ALOT of things. My sisters often say that I pratically hate EVERYTHING. So dont be surprised if I resent something. AND NO I AM NOT ONE OF YOUR VAMPIRE-LOVING FREAKS! I hate vamps with a deep PASSION.

I suppose that is all I really care to type down as of right now. If you should really care to know more then just ask. I MIGHT answer-I MIGHT not. Expect me to NOT answer though unless I should happen to find the question to be really important or if I should happen to benefit from it.

And again I won't likely be here. *rolls my eyes* I hate repeating myself.

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umithesorceress disse:

4918 days atrás
hey Legato. do you even WANT people to, oh i dont know, talk to you or take an interest in you or something?! why must you shut out the whole world?! just kidding. hey i made a blingee you might like! check it out please!! *^-^*

umithesorceress disse:

5015 days atrás
and thx 4 the advice...

umithesorceress disse:

5015 days atrás
thx Legato. 4 looking and commenting on my Blingee. i'm glad that i did a good job. thx! <3

umithesorceress disse:

5015 days atrás
thx Legato. but that wasnt the 1 i wanted u 2 c. the 1 b4 that. thx anywayz

umithesorceress disse:

5015 days atrás
Hey N-Legato! Check my new Blingee plz! Thx. <3

umithesorceress disse:

5093 days atrás
u changed ur pic? y?

toriagrams disse:

5173 days atrás


tohru_yuiko disse:

5278 days atrás
okay im here X3

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