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The soft glow of the computer monitor illuminated the disgruntled features of a 12-year-old Blingee user. Sparkling and glittering on the screen before her was the source of her displeasure: A Blingee image.

But not just any Blingee image! It was a Blingee made by another user whom she had never met in her life, and her favorite stamp had been used to complete it. Not only that, but the Blingee in question had earned a higher score in that week's competition than her own beautiful creation. It made her livid beyond comprehension. Such outrage!

There could be only one solution to her problem, only one action which could quell her ire. Lips pursed in rage, she snorted wildly as she hovered her cursor over the first dimmed star in the row of five. The other user's Blingee had yet to receive a single rating, but all that was about to change. With a fierce, earth-shattering click of her mouse, the Blingee on the page was gravely stamped: one star.

One star to forever tarnish the other user's rating, one star to express her righteous anger for the badge she could never have. There could be no greater justice to vindicate her lost honor.

Then, her breathing deepened, and her racing heart slowed to its normal pace. With a wicked quirk of her lips, the girl began the task of enacting the full extent of her vengeance. Making her way to the other user's profile, she clicked the link to see the rest of the user's Blingees. One star here, two stars there-- nothing could stop her!

Elsewhere in the world, another user logged onto her Blingee account. She checked her recently received comments, rated her circle's most recent works, made another Blingee, and entered it into a competition. Then, she closed the tab and checked her Facebook page.

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Sakaki Yuuya
Sakaki Yuuya
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tentacle disse:

2799 days atrás
nicee profile m8

animeguy disse:

3250 days atrás
Nice blingees

SailorM91 disse:

3420 days atrás
Thanks for the gift! I'm sure it will bring me good luck ;) I totally understand where your coming from - people get busy; I'm not on as much as I used to be too! I did not think that you ignored my gift at all :) Thanks for thinking of me! BTW I love your new Sailor Moon creations :)   

SailorM91 disse:

3573 days atrás
I made you a Blingee - hope you like it! Thanks for always commenting on my creations - I really appreciate it :)  


SailorM91 disse:

3683 days atrás
Awwww, that's soooo sweet! Thanks for thinking of me :)  

evilchefmania disse:

3703 days atrás
hello welcome to my circle of friends glad to be part of your circle here are some groups you can join to help put your work out some i think u will love to join :)






sakura30000 disse:

3722 days atrás
ete blingee fue creado para mostrate mi amistad y para desearte felices vacaciones

que tengas un verano fenomenal te mando besos y abrazos.


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