~*=Well, my name is tess, and I LOVE Aerosmith and Tokio Hotel. Very random variety, i know...X3 I HATE the Jonas Brothers.....so umm yeah.=*~

~*=Im 13 and if you have any requests of a blingee for me to do, like any band or certain person, just give me the link of the pic you want me to do, and Ill work on it ASAP! So um.....yah thats all you need to know about me! ^^ <3 =*~

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radicequadrat... disse:

4068 days atrás
if you're a rock-person and rock is your life enter here: ----> http://blingee.com/group/68480-who-love-aerosmith-
it's dedicated to some legends like aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns'n'Roses, Muse, Green Day, Queen, Bon Jovi, Paramore, Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana...we need you, we need a person who really know the mean of the world MUSIC
ROCK ON, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovelelionbleu disse:

4409 days atrás
go here : http://projekt-th.skyrock.com/ 
this is a project of 3 french fans, they want to send a letter to Tokio Hotel, and we can all sign it !!

bkislove disse:

4464 days atrás
u 2 i can see u like bill kaulitz me 2

bkislove disse:

4464 days atrás

TokioSweetHeart disse:

4595 days atrás
Yeah, I forgot about my 1st (This) account.

And I'm smart enough to comment MYSELF when I meant to comment you. I am so brilliant, gimme a diploma. XD

TokioSweetHeart disse:

4595 days atrás
Hey, it's XxTokioSweetHeartxX on my other account. :-)

TokioAerosmith disse:

4600 days atrás
Heheheheh.....*crazy sinister smile* Srry. Xp

XxTokioSweetH... disse:

4600 days atrás
That IS strange.

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