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My name is Katarina. I create blingees as an art form. It relaxes me and is a hobby. I took photoshop, photos, visual art and technology, and art classes in high school. I like to create many different blingees in different ways. A lot of my blingees are of Britney Spears. If you are a Britney fan please add me or add me to your group. I rate blingees based off of fairness of my own opinion on if I like them and how much. I have other blingee accounts on here as well under pinkbestfriends and warsawgirl1969 so you can also rate my blingees and add me there. Feel free to comment, rate me, and ask me anything you would like. I'm 22 years old and a college student.

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eternal love
eternal love
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britneyspears... disse:

1725 days atrás
There are new challenges in the celebrity group also, let wish kbourgerie a happy belated birthday

britneyspears... disse:

1792 days atrás
It's time to vote in the celebrity group

britneyspears... disse:

1800 days atrás
there is a new challenge in the Celebrity Group

britneyspears... disse:

1803 days atrás
It's time  to vote in The Celebrity Group

britneyspears... disse:

1812 days atrás
There are new Challenges in The Celebrity Group

bigdaddyweakley disse:

1843 days atrás
TIME TO VOTE in The Celebrity Group
Thank you & have an awesome weekend!

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