black rose of stonehenge

mutter, oma, frauchen ! und von berufs wegen hexe ( fg )

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guardian06 disse:

4526 days atrás
What do you know?? I'm finally getting the 1st challenge & topic underway...LoL
Here are the links to both =^_^=

And here's the link to the 1st group forum topic:

Hope you have a blessed & wonderful day and Good Luck :-)


guardian06 disse:

4631 days atrás

Group competition for new group icon :-)
I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Good Luck!!

guardian06 disse:

4638 days atrás
Please send any prayer request to the link I just posted. You can make a blingee or just leave a text. Little Noah & mommybecky36 need all the help they can get!
Remember...Prayer DOES work!

Thank You & God Bless :-)

guardian06 disse:

4687 days atrás

I figured we could ALL use some good news right about now...Go check out the new posting in group!

Luv & Hugs ~ Deb

guardian06 disse:

4710 days atrás
Amber Alert! Please pass this along to your friends. U can email this to your friends also. Let's get a name for this precious girl.

Thank You & Hugs

guardian06 disse:

4729 days atrás
For you my dear friend...Just wanted to let u know that I'm think about ya ;-)


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