I love you more than my pics

Love is the essence of life... love nature, love yourself ..... Happiness can be found within, never outside

About Me
Music: Pleasant to ears, depending on mood.professionally anything and everything
Interests: Nature, travelling, knowing different cultures meeting new people and having real friends, who can share
Dreams: Dreams change with circumstances....
Best Features: Whatever may appeal you... it all depends on individual liking and perception ......

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triveni53 disse:

60 days atrás
I can't believe that this is it..Goodbye Blingee It was a blast every min.  I loved making Blingee's and Thank you to all my friends.

BBB338 disse:

88 days atrás
Happy Healthy New Year 2021!
Dear Friend,

For safety of your computer, from possible hackers,  Adobe says to uninstall Adobe Flash Player by 12-1-2021 (Jan. 12, 2021). Already 3 countries in Europe that I know of BLOCKED-Flash Player-Germany, Italy, and Poland. Here is the link to the warning I got: 


Important to read this page! I uninstalled mine! Hopefully, Blingee finds a solution soon!
I am Mollycat2020 on pixmix!

kruczek1 disse:

105 days atrás
Dear Friend, two competitions have been opened in Japan Art Group https://blingee.com/group/90318-Japan-Art I invite you to participate and have fun ♥

ortega42 disse:

512 days atrás
invitation au défi asiatique woman a dominance beige et or veuillez a respecter le règlement si vous etes intéressés merci voila  le lien bon weekend kiss http://fr.blingee.com/challenge/view/9577-d-fi-asiatique-woman-a-dominance-beige-et-or  

mizzstina disse:

533 days atrás

kruczek1 disse:

846 days atrás
NEW contests in Japan Art Group
Come and have fun♥

kruczek1 disse:

867 days atrás
Hello my Dear ♥ 
I invite You to new contest
Have a nice time ;)

BBB338 disse:

1171 days atrás
You may like a Challenge that I started: 

Adorable Valentine Dog


You  can use old or new Blingees. 

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